Nowadays, we are all looking for more convenient ways to cook, clean and manage our kitchen. With lesser time on our hands, this becomes a challenge. Here are a few great appliances to help you through.

  1. Vegetable chopper: manually powered or run on electicity, such an appliance will make chopping a breeze reducing prep time to a minimum.
  2. Corn Stripper: this corn kernel remover has a compact design, it has an attached container to store the removed kernels making it safe for use.
  3. iSpoon: this spoon like appliance doubles up to act as a stylus and can be used with your iPad when your hands are dirty and you need to refer to your digital cookbook on the iPad.
  4. Egg separators: these little manual appliances will help separate the yolks from the egg whites in a jiffy.
  5. Tomato slices and knife: this clip like tomato holder with sections makes it easy to slice tomatoes held in its grip with one hand!
  6. Herb scissors with 5 blades: don’t chop, just chip away at your herbs in the kitchen and directly add them to your soups or pastas.
  7. Zester: an appliance that cleverly peels off the zest off potatoes or lemons or other vegetables comes with a micro blade and a big twist blade.
  8. Popcorn makers: these appliances help make popcorn in a quick way- apt for movie parties with friends at home and tub of popcorn!
  9. Heating spoons: these hi-tech appliances mostly have an LED light that give them that zing factor look-wise. They can heat up your stale morning coffee or your mid-meal soups.
  10. Volumetric spoon scale: this will help you accurately measure your ingredients in terms of volume.

These appliances will make cooking a breeze, because your prep work will get really easy to manage with these. Happy cooking!