House Cleaning Services Chicago

A tastefully furnished and sparklingly clean living room in a home served by Best Maids, top house cleaning service servicing Chicago and suburbs.
Keeping up with home cleaning can be time consuming and stressful for the entire family. As the pace of life quickens, it seems like there are just not enough hours in a day, let alone the cleaning that is necessary to maintain a healthy living and safe environment for your family. Fortunately Best Maids can give you back time with our reliable home cleaning services.

We know that saving time is not all that you are looking for with a house cleaning service. You not only want a clean home but also a healthy one. Best Maids is a maid cleaning service with a toxic free standard. We only use non toxic and environmentally friendly products and methods within all our jobs. From our superior customer service, to your sparkling clean home, we’re cleaning up Chicagoland one speck of dust at a time!

Below is what’s included in first time and recurring cleaning.

Kitchen Spaces

 First Time CleaningRecurring Cleaning
Cobweb RemovalYESKEEP UP
Ceiling FansYESKEEP UP
Blinds and Window LedgesYESKEEP UP
Kitchen Cabinets(Outside)YESKEEP UP
Clean Stove Top & Stove FanYESYES
Clean MicrowaveYESYES
Clean CountertopsYESYES
Wipe Countertop AppliancesYESYES
Scrub & Clean SinksYESYES
Polish all Stainless Steel SurfacesYESYES
Dust/Wipe DoorsYESKEEP UP
Empty Trash CanYESYES
Dust & Wipe Laundry AreaYESYES
Vacuum Kitchen & Laundry Floors & RugsYESYES
Baseboard Dusting / CleaningYESKEEP UP
Mop Kitchen & Laundry FloorsYESYES
Clean Entrance Glass DoorYESKEEP UP
Clean Window above Sink InsideYESYES
Vacuum & Clean Inside Cabinets & DrawersEXTRAEXTRA
Fridge CleaningEXTRAEXTRA

Bathroom Spaces

 First Time CleaningRecurring Cleaning
Cobweb RemovalYESKEEP UP
Light fixture dustingYESKEEP UP
Dust Blinds, Window Ledges & Furniture in BathroomsYESYES
Wipe Bathroom Cabinets (Outside)YESKEEP UP
Scrub & Clean SinksYESYES
Clean Countertops (special product for marble & stone)YESYES
Clean Mirrors & Shine ChromeYESYES
Scrub & Clean ToiletsYESYES
Scrub & Clean TubsYESYES
Scrub & Clean ShowersYESYES
Empty Trash Can(s)YESYES
Vacuum Bathroom Floors & RugsYESYES
Baseboard CleaningYESKEEP UP
Mop Bathroom FloorsYESYES
Dust/Wipe DoorsYESKEEP UP
Vacuum & Clean Inside Cabinets & DrawersEXTRAEXTRA
Clean Windows InsideEXTRAEXTRA

Bedroom and Living Spaces

 First Time CleaningRecurring Cleaning
Cobweb RemovalYESKEEP UP
Ceiling Fans CleaningYESKEEP UP
Dust Blinds & Window Ledges/BaseYESKEEP UP
Make beds & change bed linens (when left on top of bed)YESYES
Dust Furniture & Decorations, Clean Glass Table TopsYESYES
Empty trash in all bedrooms, living, and office spacesYESYES
Vacuum all carpet, small rugs and stairsYESYES
Baseboard CleaningYESKEEP UP
Dust/Wipe DoorsYESKEEP UP
Vacuum Floors & RugsYESYES
Mop Bedroom FloorsYESYES
Vacuum & Clean Inside Cabinets & DrawersEXTRAEXTRA
Vacuum Closet Shelves & DrawersEXTRAEXTRA
Clean Windows InsideEXTRAEXTRA

Stairways and Foyers

 First Time CleaningRecurring Cleaning
Cobweb RemovalYESKEEP UP
Light fixture and baseboard dustingYESKEEP UP
Dust Picture Frames, Window Ledges & FurnitureYESYES
Dust Railings/BanistersYESYES
Vacuum and Wash Floors/StairsYESYES

Add On Services

Inside Refrigerator CleanupFLAT FEE (Call)
Inside Oven CleanupFLAT FEE (Call)
Warming Drawer CleanupFLAT FEE (Call)
Inside CabinetsHOURLY (Call)
Clean Windows InsideHOURLY (Call)
Closet OrganizingHOURLY (Call)
DishesHOURLY (Call)

What’s not included?

Wet wiping light bulbs, putting away dishes, moving heavy items, mold or infestation removal, deep stain removal, cleaning of pet messes, cleaning of areas outside normal reach.

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