You may have been cleaning up your home regularly, but hey, did anyone notice the rags that you’ve been cleaning with? Or the area under the W.C seat? Or maybe the doorknobs? Every touch or contact with such a place or thing is an invitation to germs, especially more harmful if you have kids in the house.

Here are 6 things that get dirty often but go unnoticed:

  1. Keyboards and TV remotes: cleaning these surfaces with a dry cloth or alcohol wipes or a brush vacuum regularly will not only disinfect them but also keep them dust-free and looking as good as new.
  2. Areas behind appliances or under the potty seat: out of sight is out of mind, layers of dirt may be what you find! A quick swab of a vinegar solution or mild detergent will do the job here. For the potty seat area, just a water-wash with some disinfectant after every loo-break should do just fine.
  3. Doorknobs: its obvious that doorknobs have so many germs on them, they are touched every time, now and later. Alcohol wipes or a mild soap solution will keep them squeaky clean.
  4. Microwave or oven: setting the microwave on self- steam clean mode will loosen up dried food particles that house bacteria, and once the steaming is done, clean the inner surface with a damp cloth and some soap.
  5. Cleaning rags: the rags used for the very purpose of cleaning need to be microwaved on high or washed frequently with a solution of vinegar and water and detergent to get them out germ-free.
  6. Top of the refrigerator: get the grime off this place with some soapy water and a wet cloth to keep it shiny.

Hope this keeps your house in perfectly clean health with your regular cleansing routine and your family safe and happy!