Glass top stoves are considered as one of the highly vital kitchen appliances because of their ease of use and modern design. A clean stove is welcome place for your pans and pots to make a delicious food. However, glass stoves are highly notorious as they frustrate users in order to keep them clean. Here we have listed some useful tips on how to prevent your glass-top stove from becoming messy and grungy.

  • Before starting the task of cleaning the glass-top stove, ensure that it is turned off properly and completely cooled. Spraying the cleaning solution on stove when it is hot might make your job highly challenging.
  • There are many different products available in the market, which are made especially to clean the glass-top stoves. But not all cleaning solutions are safe to use. So opt for creamy and thick solutions which will not create any harmful effect on your stovetop.
  • Lemon juice, distilled vinegar and baking soda can work effectively on food stains. While using baking soda, make sure to pour it in decent quantity on the stains and leave it for few minutes. Scrub the surface with the help of wet cloth to wipe off the stains in quick time.
  • Don’t be lazy and leave the task of cleaning the stove on next day. If you leave the errant food to sit on glass top stove then it will make the situation further complicated and it may cost you significant amount of money.
  • Foods like grease and tomato sauce become highly stubborn when they get dried out. Such stains require more pressure when rubbing and removing them from the glass-top stove.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners to scrub the glass stove tops. They will not only create permanent scratches on the stove surface but will also damage its shining.

If you follow above suggestions while cleaning your glass-top stove then you will be definitely rewarded with the polished and stain free kitchen appliance.