cleaning-tile-showersMost of the times, you come home extremely sweaty, grungy and tired and you definitely need a shower to get fresh. But how you feel when you come to know that your tile showers are filthier than you. By following some simple steps and precautionary measures, you can keep your tile showers extremely brand new, which will further enhance your bathing experience. Here are some useful tips on cleaning tile showers in most effective way.

  • Remove stuff like shampoo bottles, razor and loofahs from the bathroom so that these products will not get expose to the cleaning solution. You can dump all the things in one bucket or put them on different counter.
  • In order to make a tile showers grout cleaner, mix two parts of hot water with a single part of hydrogen peroxide. Add this solution in spray bottle and sprinkle it on crevices or grout of shower tile, especially where the mold is growing rapidly.
  • Cover the whole shower surface with the proper tile cleaning solution, mainly the areas which have heavy buildups. Allow it to soak for around 10 minutes so as to penetrate the mildew lurking and mold on shower tiles and grout.
  • The next step involves proper scrubbing, once the gunk on tile showers is loose. You can take help of scrubber in order to wash the tile showers till they get completely clean. For areas which having stubborn mildew and mold, apply high amount of tile cleaning solution.
  • Always use hot water to clean the excess soap from your shower tiles and doors. Allow the hot water to rinse the tile surface in order to release any leftover buildup.
  • Drying off the tile showers and door is one of the vital steps in cleaning the shower and it must be done on routine basis in order to stop the growth of soap scum, mildew and mold.

The 6 steps mentioned above will definitely help you to clean the tile showers in most effortless and economical way.