Dust control is one of the biggest issues people have to deal with when they consider construction or remodeling of their home. If you are allergic to dust then you definitely need to be extra careful. Here is a list of some important tactics which you can follow to control the dust at your construction site –

  • Use sticky mats at all the areas outside construction site. These mats come with a tacky surface which can pull the debris and dirt from shoe soles so that they can’t pollute the clean surface. If workers have to pass through the non-construction area of the site then you can consider installing runners in order to protect floor from dust.
  • If you leave the dust and walk over it then it will also spoil the clean area. So cleaning the dirt as the work goes is always a perfect choice to get rid of all the messes immediately when they occur.
  • Dry dust spreads in environment very quickly and it is most difficult to control. So always use a micro fiber dusting rag or damp rag in order to collect dust from floor surfaces and furniture.
  • At the start of your project, don’t forget to designate the doorways for entry and exit to work area. Always seal the doorways which open to other hallways and rooms. You can also consider installing temporary plastic doors which open and close using zippers.
  • Whether it is a small or a big task, at the end of day always sweep up and vacuum the work area to get rid of dust.
  • Cutting the materials like wood and tiles in backyard or garage will help to prevent the dust spreading into the actual construction site.
  • Don’t forget to seal the cold air returns and floor vents in the rooms of remodeling site. If dust enters into the vent, it may spread in your entire house when you turn on the system.

Though it is impossible to remove all the dust from the construction site but the things discussed above will definitely help you to control the spread of dust.