Understanding the different materials and application of various cleaning tools can come in great handy. Regardless of how big or small your cleaning tasks are, there are some basic gadgets and tools that you simply cannot live without. Moreover, it can get quite frustrating having to call or hire a cleaning service for every small and easy task.

Before you start panicking, here are the 10 mandatory basic cleaning tools and gadgets you need to always have at hand. It wouldn’t only save you money but your valuable time as well.

  1. Hand gloves.

Just because you are busy cleaning up your house, doesn’t mean you have to necessarily put yourself in harm’s way by ruining your skin. As you hand wash your dishes, not only are you burning your skin with hot water, you are also constantly in contact with cleansers and dishwashing soap containing powerful chemicals which aren’t the gentlest on your skin. Having a pair of gloves on can protect your skin from drying and burning as you scrub away at the grease and food residue on your dishes. You can put some moisturizing body lotion on your hands before you put on the gloves and start working.

  1. A plain white towel or rag.

You can never go wrong with a pair or two of white towels. These towels do a wondrous job at removing stains from other substance. You should opt for a lighter colored cloth to actually see the stain being transferred from the stained substance to the cleaning cloth.

Moreover, you can easily determine when the cleaning cloth is dirty and is in dire need of washing. While any light colored cloth will do the job, having a white one, in particular, ensures that the color of the cloth itself does not transfer onto the stained substance simultaneously. It is not necessary that you have to have brand new cloth- you can reuse an old pillowcase or bed sheets.

  1. A microfiber cloth.

From easily picking up dust to wiping off pet hair, microfiber cloths are an all-rounder and can do anything with very little effort. Just dampen the cloth and wipe down any surface with it and you will see that it picks up and holds the dust better than any sweeper.

Similarly, if you find that your pets are shedding hair everywhere and it’s hard to get off, use a damp microfiber cloth to clean it. Not only that, microfibers are great for cleaning glass and electronic devices as well. So, it is a smart idea to have one within reach in all rooms.

  1. White vinegar.

White vinegar is a great way to substitute all the harsh chemicals that store-bought cleaners contain, not to mention a great way to save a lot of money. Use white vinegar to make a DIY cleaning spray at home instead. That way, you are also preventing pollution at home.

  1. Baking soda.

You most probably know by now that baking soda is a great agent for neutralizing odors in the kitchen. The fact that it is both very inexpensive and completely safe are just added bonuses. In addition to that, using baking soda to scrub shower tiles, sinks, and bathtubs produces results that will no doubt surprise, especially given the very minimal effort that will be required from you.

  1. Essential oils.

Essential oils aren’t just for a luxurious and relaxing evening. Sure, they smell divine, but they are more than their exquisite fragrance. Coupled with your cleaners, they will aid in disinfecting more than you’ll expect from them. To make dishwashing a lot more effortless, add a few drops of lemon essential oil to help strip off the grease from the dishes.

  1. A good and durable scrub brush.

A scrub brush will help you easily dislodge any dirt or pet hair from various substances. If you go over your carpet with a scrub brush first before vacuuming, you will find that you are able to clean up the dirt stain much faster than had you directly went in with the vacuum.

  1. A vacuum cleaner with various add-ons.

Instead of using your vacuum one way, invest in one with various attachments so that you can get the most out of it. From upholstery and curtains to bathrooms and fireplaces, there is not one place where you cannot use a vacuum to effectively get the job done, given that you have the right tools.

  1. A broom

The places you cannot use a vacuum, opt for a handy broom instead. This could be your front porch or backyard.

  1. A cleaning kit to reach higher places.

Often times we use our inability to reach certain heights as an excuse to not clean and maintain them. Well, no more. Use an extension kit to reach these places.


All of the products mentioned here can be easily found at your nearest departmental store or even Amazon. You do not have to break your bank getting the ones with a lot of bells and whistles. As long as it gets the job done, it is more than enough.