Everybody has that one thing or area they hate to clean because it’s difficult every single time. Do yourself a favor and save this post for future cleaning, as that “hated task” may just be on this list of hacks. Here, we’ve listed 10 different creative ideas on tidying up your home (and everything in it) more efficiently to cut down on time and stress. Clean your space with ease using these innovate tips!


1. Remove orange stains from Tupperware

A simple social media hack requiring only 3 items that has been all over the internet showing proven results for removing orangey, oily stains. All you need is dish soap, very warm or hot water, and a paper towel. First add dish soap at the bottom of your stained container and add warm water to the level of where the stain stops. Next, take the paper towel and rip it into a few smaller pieces and add them into the container as well. Then, secure the container with the lid and make sure it is completely snapped shut and forcefully shake the container for a full minute. Lastly, remove the paper towel pieces and wash your container and that’s it! No more stain.


2. Repurpose used dryer sheets

Have you ever had unrelenting deodorant marks on your clothing that washing won’t get out? Don’t throw out those used dryer sheets just yet. To remove white deodorant marks, take used dryer sheets and gently wipe them away with just a few strokes. Keep a few sheets in your car for quick streak removal on the go.


3. Use the dishwasher for more than just dishes

If you have extra space in your load of dishes, knock out two birds with one stone. You can use your dishwasher to clean other items as well, typically ceramic, plastic, and some metal items. A few examples of things in your house that are probably due for cleaning include toothbrush holders, soap dishes, stove knobs, candle holders, smaller decorative vases or pots, and coasters. Make sure you inspect the item and use your best judgement on if it can withstand water. For example, you wouldn’t want to put anything painted without a clear coat into the wash.


4. Clean up broken glass using a flashlight

Cleaning up broken glass is one of the most dreaded things to do. The fear of not getting every little piece and stepping on it later can be eliminated with this trick. When cleaning up broken glass, pick up as much as you can first. After you’ve removed as much as you can see, turn off the light and use a flashlight or phone light to shine around the area. Even the tiniest shards of glass will sparkle, and you can remove those pieces with tape, a wet paper towel, or vacuum. No more fear of left behind glass!


5. Loosen baked on foods in the microwave with steam

Instead of scrubbing the microwave vigorously each time there’s a mess of baked on foods, let steam do the heavy lifting. Take a medium to large size ceramic cup and fill it a little over halfway with water. Place the cup inside and microwave the water until it’s at its boiling point. This is different for all microwaves depending on wattage, but it will be between 1-3 minutes. Once you see the water is steaming hot let it sit inside with the door shut for about 10 minutes. Remove the cup and use a damp sponge to easily clean out the mess.


6. Speed up the time it takes to dry clothes

Has laundry ever caused you to run late to work or an event? Don’t worry, this is a common occurrence. Yes, we could’ve planned ahead, but didn’t. We’re past that point. So what’s the solution? If you ever find yourself in a rush to get the dry cycle to speed up without harming your clothes, take a dry clean towel or two and put it in with the wet laundry you’re transferring into the dryer. This will help to absorb moisture and dry clothes quickly.


7. Protect your floors (and your back) when vacuuming

If your home has beautiful wood flooring you probably take extra precaution when vacuuming under and around furniture as to not scratch the wood. Instead of trying to carefully move furniture around which can strain your back, take some time before your next vacuuming cycle to look for old socks. That’s right, you can use socks to put over furniture legs to help you easily slide furniture around without scratching the floor or overexerting yourself.


8. Dust with a lint roller

A lint roller is a handy tool for picking up all kinds of messes in your life. Use it as a duster for the top of fan blades, over entertainment stations, and on ledges and shelves. If you have stairs with railing, using a lint roller is perfect for fast and contained dust pick-up. Have kids? Use a lint roller to pick up small spilled messes like glitter, pieces of paper, crumb piles, and more, without having to lug the vacuum around.


9. Clean chandeliers in a flash

If your chandelier is due for cleaning and you don’t use professional cleaning services like Best Maids, there is a do-it-yourself option that may work for you. For this technique it’s best to clean the chandelier on a day that you plan on cleaning the entire room as well. It’s also important to note that you should only try this if your chandelier is no higher than the first floor and you feel absolutely safe reaching it. With that being said, you’ll need a ladder (if necessary) and a can of compressed air. Simply climb up next to your chandelier and blow the dust build-up off in small spurts of air. Clean the area underneath once you’re finished.


10. Toss your laundry detergent cap in with the wash

Is your laundry detergent cap grossly sticky with dried detergent residue? Of course, it is! Instead of smearing off the sides and letting the residue build up forever, throw the cap in with your load of laundry when it gets grimy. It will come out clean and residue-free and won’t hurt your clothes. One disclaimer, however, do not try this if you are doing a delicate load.


Cleaning done right! Sure, you might be kicking yourself for not learning about these hacks sooner, but now you know. If this list gave you new ideas you can’t wait to try, share it with someone you know who could use some life-changing cleaning tips. Go forth in life, ready to take on that “hated task” with retribution.