For many, it’s now down to the wire if you want to buy Christmas presents at a sale price. With barely a month to go until the big day, and Black Friday looming just around the corner, it might be the perfect time to think about getting something for those special people in your life that they might never have expected. We’ve picked out a few gadget-like items that you might like to consider for them as surprise gifts:

1. A Multi-Use Electric Pressure Cooker

Mom or even your grandmom might have had one of these things in the kitchen, but it has probably been a long time since you’ve thought about one as a gift. A pressure cooker will speed up their day, and get dinner on the table a lot faster. Check out what’s available at your local store, or Amazon, and you might be amazed at the current selection!

2. Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Somebody in the family may want a hot cup of java at strange and unusual times each day. Why must they make a full pot when a single-serve coffee maker will do the trick? Pop in a coffee pod, press a button, and they’ll have a cup ready in only a minute. There’s never any wasted coffee when brewing one portion at a time, and it’s always guaranteed to be fresh and hot!

3. Compact Microwave Oven

Today’s compact microwave ovens are a lot smaller than you might think. And, they can cook almost anything as well as their big brothers! Steam veggies, crisp bacon, or poach eggs, all in a lot less time than with a regular oven or stovetop. You’ll find dozens of these at less than $100, so the price is definitely right!

4. An Air Fryer

Some time years ago, you might have thought about buying one of these and then completely forgot about it. It could be the right time to finally pick one up as a gift for that special someone! An air fryer is great for cooking small batches of nearly anything. With no grease and no mess, somebody in your family will love it!

5. Stainless Steel and Glass Tea Kettle

Who needs a tea kettle when you can make it in your microwave? The answer might be someone in your life! Making tea the way it’s supposed to be done may result in a taste that may surprise you! A tea kettle should be an essential kitchen appliance, especially for proper folks, even if you’re not British. Look over the wide range of stainless steel and glass tea kettles on the market today and pick one up for that special someone.

6. Cordless Electric Knife

Here’s another kitchen item you probably haven’t thought about in years. An electric knife makes carving time fast and easy, whether it’s a holiday roast, brisket, or even to slice bread. Why not wrap one up as a gift? See if the recipient doesn’t give you a big smile, even though they might have been expecting a watch or diamond bracelet. It’s still a great gift!

7. Non-stick Cookware Set

Do you know someone who has non-stick pots and pans worn down to the bare aluminum? What better product to give them than a set of non-stick cookware? Having at least one non-stick pan is essential in any kitchen. It’s nearly impossible to make eggs without having one, and searing fish becomes a lot easier.

8. A Slow Cooker

Sure, you’ve heard about these things for years but never bought one for yourself. Why not give one to someone else and maybe they’ll let you use it. Slow cookers cook food at a steady low temperature and they are great for meal prepping. They’ll thank you over and over when they come home from work and find a warm, home-cooked meal waiting for them in the kitchen.

9. Removable Plate Electric Grill

I don’t know who comes up with these things, but I’ll bet you know someone who would love to have one of these as a gift. Help them kick-start their new healthy eating routine by cooking foods quickly and watch the fat drain away fast. Wrap it up and put a bow on top, and when he or she opens it, they might let you cook something together.

10. Classic Waffle Maker

When was the last time you made a waffle? No, not the frozen kind, but a real one cooked the right way on both sides at the same time. Yes, they still make these things, and they are a great solution to making super waffles. With multiple browning settings and a non-stick surface, there’s nothing not to like about one of these. Somebody you know would love to have one as a gift!

11. Cast Iron Cookware

If you’ve never experienced cooking with genuine seasoned cast iron, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. Cast iron has been used for centuries by great cooks all over the world to produce succulent mouth-watering meals fit for a king. Cook almost anything to perfection with one of the most versatile pans you can buy. They will also last a lifetime if properly cared for. Give a set and make someone happy!

12. Popcorn Maker

When was the last time you made real popcorn? No, not the microwave kind loaded with salt, fat, and additives, but the nutritious kind you used to make years ago that tasted so good. Popcorn is just as easy to make today with one of these and it delivers a healthy nutritious snack free of all the bad stuff. Give one as a gift and cross your fingers. Maybe they’ll invite you to join them for the first batch!

13. Electric Coffee Grinder

For the coffee purist, nothing beats freshly-ground coffee. Whole coffee beans keep their flavor a lot longer than ground, so one of these will be the perfect gift for your favorite coffee lover. Pick one up at your favorite store or order it online. Someone you love will enjoy the flavor of a pot of freshly-brewed coffee made with those expensive beans that can only be found online.

14. Frozen Drink Machine

Remember that frozen margarita you had a million years ago back when? Well, now they make home versions of the machines. Wouldn’t one be a super gift for someone special? There’s nothing like a frozen drink machine whirring away for a fun addition to any celebration. Give one as a gift and cross your fingers. You might even be invited to join them for a special drink you both will enjoy.

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