Sure, you already have a dozen or so uses in your home for your old reliable can of WD-40. Not only will it loosen bolts and stop pesky hinges from squeaking, but the product has lots of other interesting and valuable uses. That’s why we’ve put this article together for you! Take a look below and be amazed at how versatile your old friend WD-40 can be!

1) Remove Tarnish from Silver

WD-40 is great for removing tarnish from silverware. Spray a small amount on each piece and then polish lightly with a clean microfiber cloth. Use slow circular motions and the tarnish will gradually disappear.

2) Keeping Insects Away

Insects hate the smell of WD-40. Spray a little where ants and spiders come to visit. They will avoid the area like the plague! Go outside and spray the eaves of your house too. Wasps and other flying insects won’t build their nests there anymore. And, if you can’t get to the bug spray fast enough, give them a quick spray with WD-40 and they will have seen their final day.

3) Remove Garage Floor Oil Spots

If you notice an ugly grease spot in your garage from a leak or oil change, give it a good coating of WD-40. Wait a couple of minutes and then rinse the area down using your garden hose. The spot should be gone completely after the water dries.

4) Clean Away Ink and Carpet Stains

Ink and carpet stains do not need to ruin your fine carpets. Saturate the affected area for a couple of minutes with WD-40. Then rub the stain away with regular carpet cleaner, a sponge, or cloth soaked with warm, soapy water. Turn it often to absorb the stain until it’s completely gone.

5) Remove Paint Smudges from another Car

If you discover your parked car has acquired a new paint smudge from being rubbed by the door of another vehicle, remove it fast with WD-40! Spray the affected area and then wait a few seconds. Next, take a clean rag and rub the offending paint away with a few quick strokes.

6) Waterproof Boots or Shoes

When it’s raining outside, you can protect the tops and sides of your footwear with a coating of WD-40. Spray a little on the outside of each shoe or boot before heading out the door. The coating will act as a barrier to keep moisture from seeping into your shoes and getting your socks wet.

7) Remove Hair Dye Stains

If you dye your hair, you know that some of the color can often come off on the towel you use to dry your hair. Remove the dye with WD-40! Spray and saturate the dye stain and then let it set for a couple of minutes. Then, toss the towel into your washing machine and run it through a hot cycle. The stain should completely disappear.

8) Removing Rust from Showers & Toilets

Rust in your bathroom shower, sink, or around your toilet can be removed easily using WD-40! Spray a small amount on the stain, wait a few minutes, and scrub the area clean with a toothbrush and a mild abrasive and water. Wipe the area clean with a damp cloth and it will look like new again.

9) Remove Super Glue from your Skin

If you accidentally get some super glue on your hands, it will come off in a flash with WD-40! Spray a small amount on the spill and wait a minute to let it penetrate the adhesive. Then remove the residue with a soft cloth or by rubbing your hands together. If some of the glue gets spilled on your table, remove it with WD-40! Spray some on the area and wait about a minute for the glue to loosen. Wipe the residue away using a clean paper towel.

10) Keep Squirrels from Bird Feeders

Squirrels love to invade bird feeders and steal food you’ve put there for your feathered friends. Spray a good coating of WD-40 on the top of the feeder and the pesky squirrels will slide off each time they come for a visit. Keep your camera ready for some hilarious shots when they start slipping and sliding.

11) Remove Grease from Your Hands

If you love working on your car, motorcycle, or lawnmower, you know that often you will wind up with greasy hands. Instead of messing up the sink, spray a little WD-40 on your hands after you’ve finished the job. Use paper towels to wipe them clean and then use soap and water to finish up without leaving a greasy mess.

12) Tone down Shiny Polyurethane

After adding a fresh new coat of polyurethane to your hardwood floor, is it a bit too shiny? WD-40 can come to the rescue! Spray a small amount on a soft cloth and wipe the surface to leave a thin layer on the floor. You’ll find the area where you wiped will be a lot less shiny while continuing to keep the protection you wanted.

13) Remove Chewing Gum from Your Child’s Hair

WD-40 works great to remove chewing gum from hair. Separate the affected area with a rubber band and use your fingers to work in a small amount of WD-40. Take a wide-tooth comb to slide the gum out. Soak up any excess oil with dry paper towels and follow up by shampooing liberally to bring it the hair back to normal.

14) Removing Animal Poop from Shoes

If you find you’ve accidentally stepped in some dog poop during your evening walk, it’s no problem for WD-40. Spray a small amount onto the soles of your shoes and then wait for a minute or two until the area is saturated. Follow up by using an old toothbrush or knife to eliminate any mess from the crevices. Rinse the area with cold water and then wipe with a clean cloth.

Oops, we’ve run out of time for more WD-40 suggestions today. There are literally hundreds of more uses for this interesting product! So bear with us and we promise to list a lot more interesting uses for WD-40 over the next few months.

Thanks so much for reading today’s article about a few powerful household tips for WD-40. Please let us know if these ideas have been helpful! If you have any thoughts or suggestions about any home cleaning subjects you’d like us to cover, please send us a note. We’d love to hear from you!

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