Everybody has their own special uses for rubbing alcohol, from cleaning and disinfecting to cooling and killing germs. But this remarkable substance has a lot of other uses as our experts have found out for you. Check out these unusual uses for alcohol that you might not have tried:

As a Disinfectant

Mix two parts of rubbing alcohol with one part water inside a spray bottle and use the mixture as a disinfectant. Spray the major contact areas around your house and any other germ-prone areas you can think of. You can even dab the mixture with a cotton pad and use it for cleaning thermometers, earring posts, and almost any other personal items.

Cleaning Stainless Steel

Dab a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto a soft, non-abrasive cloth and use it to wipe down each of your stainless steel appliances. Go with the grain to make sure you don’t miss those tiny hidden areas. It’s a super fingerprint remover. And it will dry completely streak-free without leaving any residue.

Removing Hair Spray

Hair spray tends to build up over time on mirrors and tiles. Using rubbing alcohol is a great way to wipe it all away. Dampen a cloth or cotton pad with a little rubbing alcohol and you’ll be able to remove all that sticky mess with a few easy strokes.

Melting Away Window Frost

In colder climates like Chicago, there’s always some frost and ice that builds up on your car in the wintertime. Instead of suffering with it, mix one part of rubbing alcohol with five parts of water and pour it into a sprayer. Then, spray the solution on the surface of your car’s windows and mirrors. Wipe the mixture away with a clean cloth and let it dry. The next time you’re ready to drive off, you won’t find any frost or ice sticking on the surfaces.

Clean Chrome and Sinks

Clear out your porcelain or stainless steel sink and then spray some rubbing alcohol into the sink until the surface is damp. Then, use a clean dry cloth to buff the sink basin and the chrome finish and you’ll find all the surfaces will sparkle like new. The same spray will also work with brass fixtures.

Refresh Cloths and Sponges

Those cloths and sponges you use around the house can accumulate bacteria and germs that you won’t see with the naked eye. Don’t take chances. Dip them in a small bowl with rubbing alcohol for about 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse out completely and you’ll be cleaning and dusting without nasty germs that could have been lurking there before.

Removing Permanent Marker & Ink Stains

Everybody accidentally gets permanent marker or ballpoint ink stains on a garment. Rubbing alcohol can come to the rescue! Soak the stained area in a bowl of rubbing alcohol for a couple of minutes, and then blot the stain with a clean paper towel. Launder the garment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Repeat the process if there’s any residue left.

Cleaning a Dry-Erase Board

Dry-erase boards tend to accumulate ink marks when they aren’t erased properly. Spray a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto the board. Then, take a paper towel and you’ll be able to easily wipe away any marks that looked like they were permanent.

Disinfecting  a Keyboard & Mouse

Rubbing alcohol also works great as a disinfectant and degreaser for your computer’s keyboard and mouse. Turn off the power first, and then spray a little rubbing alcohol directly onto your keyboard and mouse. Hold each item upside down to make sure alcohol doesn’t go inside. Use a clean dry cloth to wipe up any excess residue and all the rest will dry up almost instantly.

Microfiber Upholstery Stains

Microfiber can be stained by water but not by rubbing alcohol. Take a spray bottle filled with a little rubbing alcohol and spray a small amount onto the stained area. When it’s slightly damp, use a clean, white sponge or cloth (not a paper towel) to wipe the stain away. When the stain is gone, let the fabric air dry. If the area feels a little matted, brush it with a soft, clean bristle brush using a circular motion and it will look like new again.

Cleaning Window Blinds

Take a small washcloth or any non-scratchy piece of fabric and wrap it around one of your kitchen spatulas. Secure it with a rubber band. Next, soak the fabric with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. You’ll have the perfect tool to clean dust and grime that’s accumulated on the slats of your window blinds. It’s the perfect tool to reach all those hard-to-reach areas you could never reach before.

Deodorizing Shoes

If you’ve noticed a bit of an odor from your shoes, try spraying the inside with some rubbing alcohol. Use a clean rag or towel to dab up any excess and place the shoes outside in the sunlight. You’ll find that with the sunlight and alcohol, your shoes will be smelling fresh and germ-free the next time you wear them.

Cleaning Electronic Devices

From your landline phone to your cellular, the TV control to your garage opener, skin oils, makeup, and other oils tend to accumulate on each of your electronic devices. Unfortunately, this can make them magnets for dust and germs. You can clean them perfectly with a cloth saturated with rubbing alcohol. Make it damp but not dripping. Using too much could harm some of the electronics.

Removing Stickers

If your youngster has placed some of his or her playful stickers somewhere you’d rather they didn’t, try rubbing alcohol. Saturate each sticker with a small amount and leave it alone for about 10 to 15 minutes. You should be able to remove it easily with a spatula or clean cloth. Wipe any excess alcohol away so there’s no damage to the surface.

Rubbing alcohol is a great product for cleaning lots of things in your home. It’s not only cheap, but it’s also effective as a disinfectant, degreaser, and as a general cleaner.

Thanks very much for reading this article about some interesting and unusual uses for rubbing alcohol. We hope you like these ideas and that they have helped you with some of your cleaning chores. If you have any thoughts or suggestions about any other home cleaning subjects you’d like us to cover, please write and let us know.

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