Very often, we’ll discover something that works quite well for its intended purpose but also works quite well for something entirely different. There are thousands of examples of this, from using Coca Cola to clean a toilet bowl to watching a kitchen drain rinse cleanly away after a bubbling bath from thousands of soap bubbles created by combining baking soda and vinegar.

One of the strangest things our team has discovered is that dryer sheets can be used for a multitude of different things besides lessening the buildup of static electricity when thrown in the clothes dryer. Here are some uses you might not know about for that package of unused dryer sheets on the shelf behind your clothes dryer

1) Crayon Marks – Got kids with crayons? If so, you’ve probably got some kid’s clothes that have some crayon marks on them. You also probably have walls and tabletops that also have more than their fair share of crayon marks from a colorful crayon or two that missed its rightful place when aimed at a sheet of paper. Take a dryer sheet out and rub the crayon marks very lightly and you’ll be amazed that the marks will slowly disappear.

2) Frying Pan Grime – The grime that’s become stuck on your cookie sheets or fry pans will disappear completely when you put them into your sink along with a dryer sheet, warm water, and a little dishwashing soap. Let the pan soak overnight in the mixture. By morning, the silicone in the dryer sheet will have softened the food particles and allow you to wipe it away with ease.

3) Swiffer Sweepers – If you have a Swiffer Sweeper, you can use a couple of used dryer sheets to cover the sweeper’s mop head instead. The sheets will pick up dust and hair and work fine for your floors, baseboards, and even for dusting the furniture.

4) Cleaning Your Iron – Got some gunky buildup on the plate of your clothes iron? Try laying a clean dryer sheet on your ironing board, and then set the iron to its lowest temperature setting. When it’s warm to the touch, run the iron over the dryer sheet and the sticky residue will come right off.

5) Sharpen Scissors – If you have a pair of scissors that aren’t cutting like they used to, fear not! Rub a new (or used) dryer sheet over both of the blades and the residue from the sheet will act as a lubricant to make your scissors cut almost like new.

6) Removing Bugs – Believe it or not, a damp dryer sheet will scrub away bug residue from your car’s windshield or bumper. Wet the fabric and then rub the bug marks away! Don’t rub too hard or you might damage your car’s finish or paint.

7) Clean Computer Screens – You can also use a dryer sheet to clean your computer monitor or TV screen. Take a dry sheet and wipe the screen gently so you don’t scratch the surface. The silicone coating on the dryer sheet picks up the dirt and dust and leaves a film that reduces static.

8) Clean up Pet Hair – A dryer sheet can be very helpful on any surface where there’s some pet hair. Swipe the sheet across furniture, flooring, toys, and even clothes and lampshades. The sheet acts as a magnet and picks up the pet hair to leave the surface sparkling clean.

9) Make a Firestarter – Place some used dryer sheets (don’t throw away the lint!) into a cardboard toilet paper tube or inside some paper towels. Fold or pinch the ends of the tube to keep the contents inside. Light one end of the tube and you’ll have a great firestarter in no time.

10) Removing Surface Dust – You can use dryer sheets for dusting while leaving a silicone residue that helps repel dust in the future. Use old dryer sheets for dusting baseboards, crown molding, cabinets, electronics, and even wrapped around your dust mop.

11) Eliminate Soap Scum – By dampening a used dryer sheet with a few drops of water, you can use it to scrub away soap scum from your bathroom sink, shower door, curtain, toothbrush holder and tile. A few gentle wipes are all it takes to wipe most surface grime off completely.

12) Saving Planter Soil – A few used dryer sheets placed at the bottom of a pot when you are planting flowers will keep the soil from falling through the drainage holes. The silicone in the sheets won’t interfere with the chemistry of the soil and the soil will stay where it belongs inside the pot.

13) Fighting Hair Static – By taking a dryer sheet and rubbing it on the inside of your favorite hat, your hair will not stick to the hat when you take it off. The sheet contains positively charged ingredients that neutralize the static and also act as a lubricant to allow your hair to lie flat and not fly away.

14) Quiet Squeaky Tennis Shoes – By rubbing a dryer sheet over the bottom of your tennis shoes, you’ll minimize the friction and stop the shoes from squeaking when you walk on a solid floor.

15) Eliminate Static Cling – When static cling makes your socks or panties stick to your clothes, or your pants creep up and cling to the calf of your leg, rub a dryer sheet onto your legs. That will rid you of the static cling that’s been causing the problem.

16) Freshen Your Trash Can – If you’ve had a problem with a smelly trash can, the next time you add the plastic liner bag, toss a scented dryer sheet into the bottom of the can before putting the new bag inside. The next time you remove the bag, you’ll discover the can smells much better.

17) Keep Insects Away – Another great use for scented dryer sheets is to keep bugs away. Many campers and outdoor enthusiasts rub the sheets over their skin before going out. Others add a sheet inside their sock or underwear drawers to keep them completely bug-free.

These are just some of the many great and unusual ways you can use both new and used clothes dryer sheets. Write and tell us if you’ve found some other uses and we’ll use them here in a future collection!