clean and polish silver

Silver is believed to be a very precious and striking metal, which adds to the charm of every tea set, dining item, flatware and many such things in which it is being used. Whether it be necklaces, chains or some other silver jewelry item, it will add to the beauty of every person wearing it. But when it comes to cleaning silver items, people usually feel scary as the cleaning technique should not damage or ham silver. Here are few natural ways to cleaning as well as polishing silver which will make your task of efficiently and harmlessly cleaning silver items an easier one.

1. Hot water and aluminum foil –

For removing the tarnish that is appeared on your silver items, you need to follow a simple procedure. First take a bowl full of hot and boiling water, and then sprinkle a teaspoon full of salt into the bowl. You also need to cover the bottom of the bowl with an aluminum foil. Then put all your silver items such as chain into the bowl and let it remain in the hot water until all the tarnish over it is removed. Once done, remove all the silver items from it and clean it using a piece of cloth. After it’s completely dry, you will get to see more lustrous and shiny silver items.

2. Use toothpaste –

This is a commonly used technique for using all your silver items. Toothpaste, no doubt is experienced to be a good replacement to professional silver cleaners and polishers. What you need to do is take some toothpaste on your silver ornaments, rub it well and then clean it with a wet cloth. Clean it properly and let dry for some time, it will give a very glossy and new look.

3. Using Vinegar –

First take 2 teaspoons of salt in a container and add 2 cups of white vinegar to it. Along with it, add ½ cup of flour and mix it properly to form paste. Apply this paste on all the silver items that are to be cleaned as well as polished. Let it remain for 15-20 minutes and then dip it into warm water and make sure that the paste is completely removed. After cleaning it, polish it with a dry piece of cloth or towel.