Growing your own herb garden is interesting task as it gives you an easy access to the fresh herbs whenever you want. However, it may turn into a challenging task if you don’t consider some crucial factors such as environment, maintenance and harvesting. Whether you want to grow your own herbs in concrete backyard or on your home balcony, following tips will definitely provide you a nice helping hand.

• Herbs should be cultivated in nice sheltered condition with appropriate soil. If you are opting for clay soil then consider adding some organic matter like compost or green waste. Soil having PH of neutral to alkaline is an ideal one for the proper growth of herbs. Avoid overfeeding of compost as it may cause the herbs to lose their natural flavor.
• Another important factor which you need to consider is the amount of sunlight which your plants will require. Most herbs require more than six hours of sunlight everyday while some green plants can even sustain themselves in less. Most of the times, surrounding trees or buildings may block the sunlight. So you should consider growing the herbs in the area which is having sufficient sunlight.
• While developing herb garden, you have to consider different types of herbs such as perennial, biennial or annual. Biennial and annual herbs like Dill, Parsley and Coriander can grow quickly. For their proper maintenance, they must be sown at regular intervals throughout summer and spring. On the other hand, perennial herbs like Sage, Chives and Mint grow very slowly and they need a permanent shelter for proper growth.
• If you have a very limited space and can’t afford a large herb garden then consider growing them in big containers or pots. If you are opting for shrubby herbs like Rosemary then always prefer a deep pot. Make sure the pots or containers have a drainage hole at the bottom to avoid water logging. In icy weather, you can consider placing the herb containers against the wall of your house.

Herbs are one of the easiest and useful plants to cultivate in your backyard or any other area. By following above mentioned instructions you can definitely keep your herb garden flourishing in any season.