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If you’re like most, you probably hang on the borderline of keeping a clean home but stray far from keeping a clean closet. If this is true, don’t worry. You’re not alone. So why does it seem so dang hard to keep the closet organized and clutter-free? It could be that you don’t know how to utilize your closet space properly. It may be that the months (or even years) of disorganization buildup feels too overwhelming to even try to start now. Whatever the reason, this guide will help you tackle through the mess and get your closet looking it’s finest with a few solutions.


  1. Use Same-like Hangers

Nothing says organization quite like consistent hangers one after the other in your closet space. Whether it’s all wooden hangers or plastic triangles, the consistency is aesthetically pleasing and makes a closet feel welcoming.  A variation of this can include color coordinated hangers as well.  As long as all hangers are of the same style, this will achieve a clean look but also help you stay organized and save time by associating types of clothing with a different color hanger. Be sure to use the color you have most of for the apparel that’s most abundant in your hanging wardrobe. For example, if you have numerous white hangers and many button up shirts these should be paired. As you put all the colors together you can also get rid of any miscellaneous hangers that seem to just gather dust in your closet. You know which ones I’m talking about. The various wire hangers settled into a cardboard tube with a crinkled “We love our customers” paper wrap enclosed around them. Those dry cleaner hangers not only look unkept, but they take up prime real estate in our closet when not in use.


  1. Try Cube Storage

The hip-level shelves in closets always seem awkward for placement. Either you treat them the way they were intended by using it for folded clothes, bags, or shoes or you use the shelf as a “dumping” zone to place all various accessories or pocket items from the day (It’s okay, there’s no judgement here). Whatever way it’s used for, the shelf could be utilized better by placing the right size cube storage. It can also be called cube organizer or cube bookshelf and comes in multiple sizes. Cube storage gives you more space laterally and allows you to have sectioned cubies for folded shirts, bags, shoes, and yes, it could even provide that contained area for dumping pocket items. Simply measure the area in your closet and find one that fits. You can even get cube bins to place in the cubies for a more contained look for items like belts or scarves.


  1. Place Baskets on Top Shelves

The top shelves in closets are typically used for seasonal and infrequently used items, as well as a collection of shoe boxes packed into place. Whether those boxes are filled with shoes or accessories, they seem to be a common idea amongst the average person. Although, one could argue that stacked shoe boxes on top shelves is a form of organization, another could argue that the different printing and sizes appears as chaos. Baskets can be used to mask disarray by providing storage space to multiple items. This could also include pieces such as multi-colored objects or mismatched bedding which look messy and can make a closet space feel smaller. Using baskets of the same design keep a tidy and uniform look. It’s important to think about the kind of baskets needed regarding your space and items to be stored. Weaved baskets are generally better for heavier solid items whereas linen baskets are better for lighter and flexible pieces.


  1. Rearrange or Get Rid of Space Wasters

Most of us have closets that seem full to the brim with stuff. It’s easy to get carried away with storing things behind a closed door simply because we have the room. For that reason, it’s even easier to lose items that either don’t belong in our closet, or do, but are hidden in the abys of overplied stuff. The solution to this is simple. You must get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in this space. You’ll really have to take some time to recognize if these uncategorized items are actually needed. How long has it been since you and your family or friends played those board games? Do you really need that collection of CD’s that’s been sitting in a box since 2005? Once these items are removed, you’ll have much more space to work with. If you live in smaller quarters, you may not have a lot of room for storage. Therefore, some items are constrained to your closet space. In this case, validated items should be restricted to a designated section of your closet to keep things orderly.  Maybe the clutter in your closet comes from an abundance of clothing. The same rule applies. Some things must go or be rearranged. A general rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn an article of clothing in over 12 months, it’s time to part ways with it. Rearranging, however, means spotting things that can be positioned differently to gain additional closet space. For example, if you have an ironing board flat against a wall, can it be rearranged sideways like a book on a shelf secured against an end wall? Room can also be created by rotating clothes only wore during the season into dressers or perhaps those baskets discussed previously.


Lastly, if you read this guide you’re already on the right track to a pristine closet. These ideas are great for creating a closet you’ll love, but the upkeep is even better. Once everything is contained and efficiently placed, you’ll find it’s much easier to manage going forward!