The bedroom is a sacred space. Sleeping is an activity that we as humans love to do and feel like we can’t get enough of it, especially after an exhausting day. So, if your sleep quality has been lacking, this is your sign to do something about it starting right now! Start your journey to better sleep with a clean room that smells like tranquility. A tidy and clean bedroom can create a sense of calmness and relaxation, which can contribute to improved sleep quality. Removing odor and maintaining cleanliness can also reduce sleeping disruptions and promote a peaceful environment that’s conducive to restful sleep. How can you accomplish this? Here are 4 tips on cleaning to gain better sleep, because life if too short to be exhausted all the time! 


Dust the fan and surfaces  

If you have trouble sleeping it could be from dust and allergens around your sleep space. One way to prevent waking up in the middle of the night from coughing or breathing disruptions is by regularly removing caked on dust from ceiling fan blades, nightstands, window ledges and other shelving and surfaces. Dusting is just one of those things that’s easy to forget and accumulates quickly when it goes unnoticed. Make sure to always use microfiber material cleaners to trap dust, as other materials can spread dust rather than pick it up and remove it.  


Clean the bed from top to bottom

Do you know how much debris (mostly from dead skin cells) is lodged deep within your mattress right now? You don’t want to know. Washing your sheets weekly should be a standard practice for hygiene reasons and better quality of sleep. It’s a no brainer. However, cleaning your mattress itself and your bedframe should also be done every once in a while for the same reasons. There are multiple methods of withdrawing debris between the fibers of the mattress, but most involve hitting or causing vibrations to bring debris to the surface of your mattress then removal by vacuum. It’s important to remember to wipe down your bedframe as well, to remove germs from sweat, sickness, and, well, any other miscellaneous activities. 


Use clean and calming scents  

Aroma therapy is used in spas and massage clinics for their proven results on relaxing and calming clients. Bring the sensation of a relaxing spa to your bedroom with soothing scents that can also refresh and improve air quality. You can use essential oils mixed with water to mist around your room or if you prefer live plants you can bring in fresh flowers. A few great scents that are known for having soothing properties and can be easily obtained as essential oil or plant form include lavender, mint, lemongrass, rose, and sage. These scents will help you fall into a deep sleep with fresh aromas that will make you feel like your snoozing in a peaceful garden.  


Eliminate and prevent lingering odors 

Tacking on to the previous point—establishing clean and soothing scents can only be accomplished by also removing foul odors. If you’re not sleeping well, it may be due to the mess in your room causing lingering odors. If you keep your dirty laundry in your bedroom, make sure to throw it into the wash before you begin getting ready for bed or start keeping laundry baskets in a different part of the house. If you have a bathroom connected to your bedroom you should also check it regularly to make sure the toilet, sink, and shower/bath are clean and that there aren’t any wet fabrics laying around that can cause mildew odor to emerge.