Maybe you’ve downsized to a smaller house or currently live in small quarters. Apartments and even owned property in large cities can tend to limit the amount of space needed for all the items the average person owns. Because of this, a confined place, and even average sized housing with a lot of people, tend to become overcrowded with stuff. In this list we’ll go over cleverly chic and super easy ways to hide all kinds of clutter. 


1. Mask wall storage with curtains 

Whether you have open wall closets or pantries, junky overstuffed shelves, overhead clutter on top of high cabinets, and more, curtains are the way to go. Sometimes these areas just have too much valuable real estate to give up or condense items even further. That’s understandable. However, these areas are prone to looking cluttered, making your space feel even smaller. By using curtains to reveal and hide stashed areas, you’ll create a sense of depth and achieve an overall chic look that adds flair to your home.  


2. Use multipurpose storage for furniture and fixtures 

A great way to utilize a small space is to add a few items that can be used to store things as well as having another main function. A few examples of how to accomplish this include extra seating that are also ottomans, wall mantels that have hooks underneath or double as a paper towel holder, floor lamps that have shelving or a coat rack, entry door benches with a shoe caddy, or tables with drawers. The idea is to give yourself as much storage space as possible that’s already combined with the items you use on a daily basis.  


3. Use compartment dividers for as many drawers as possible 

This is a great tip for homes of any size. This won’t actually add any extra storage space to drawers, but it will make them go from looking overstuffed and cluttered, to efficient and clean. You can buy custom made compartment dividers from online retailers, just make sure to carefully measure all drawer dimensions. However, you can also create your own if you’re feeling crafty or repurpose close-fitting dividers by using kitchen utensil dividers or others.  


4. Make the obvious choice and utilize baskets 

This one probably goes without saying but the easiest way to hide clutter is by using storage baskets. Baskets have been hiding our abundance of things since the beginning of time! Clothes, shoes, accessories, books, toys, office supplies, beauty products, you name it, baskets can be used to stash any medium to large items and quantities. Just try not to get too carried away with a house full of baskets in every nook and cranny or the opposite effect will happen, and your place will start looking cluttered again.  


5. Use room dividers to hide inevitable clutter 

If all else fails and you have no way to hide a corner of stashed items, room dividers, panels, and screens are the solution. Sometimes you have a corner of your place that’s dedicated to bigger items under different categories that just don’t have a place they can go, due to lack of room. Maybe you have an elliptical next to a bike, next to stacked boxes, next to Christmas décor, next to whatever else. We’re not judging. Whatever it may be, if this is the case for you, you can easily set up a room divider that fits your style and budget against the corner of inevitable clutter. This will add a chic way to hide your extra stuff and give the area its own division. 


Big or small, your home is a sacred place where you should feel comfortable and happy to be in. Clutter can add unnecessary stress and deprive you of the much needed relaxation time we require when coming home from long work days. You owe it to yourself to remove sights of clutter from your safe space and allow peace of mind. We hope these tips and ideas helped and gave you new ideas on revamping cluttered spots in your home.