Don’t you hate when a post starts off by saying you can do something easily, then immediately describes a laborious task that involves multiple steps? Well, don’t worry, this one is truly easy, we promise! This post is going to give you some effortless advice for keeping your house clean without even having to pick up a broom or lug any of your cleaning items around the house.  


1. Use dirt trapping mats at every house door entrance

Although your extremely cute print and cursive phrased door mats perfectly match the feng shui of your home, they’re probably not doing much for keeping dirt off your floor. Opt for using special dirt-trapping or “spaghetti coil” mats. These mats are typically made with rubber and other synthetic materials and have a thick layer of coils to collect and catch dirt, liquid, and debris. These mats don’t mold either so they can handle muddy or drenched shoes. Your floors will need to be cleaned less frequently as a result, saving time and effort. 


2. Replace cleaning tablets monthly in the toilet tank 

Don’t you love cleaning the toilet? We didn’t think so. Work smarter and not harder by keeping a cleaning tablet in the toilet tank consistently. Tablets made specifically for toilet tanks are safe for your pipes and can clean the bowl with each flush for long periods of time. Most toilet bowls have to be scrubbed 1-2 times a week to keep rings and other gunk out of the bowl. Using a toilet tablet in the tank once a month can seriously cut down the amount of times you’ll have to scrub the toilet and that’s a huge win. If you feel uncomfortable with the heavy chemicals in your tank all the time, there are plenty of natural cleaner brands you can find online and in stores as well.  


3. Use a liquid repellent spray on surfaces  

Okay, this one does require a slight amount of effort, but we promise it’s not laborious and can easily be tacked on to your next cleaning day or done at your leisure. The next time you clean your countertops or glass surfaces (or the next time they are clean), use a liquid repellent spray following the instructions on the bottle. Be sure to check that it can be used on the surfaces you have before applying. This is an amazing trick for the kitchen and for houses that have hard water and glass showers. Hard water spots are a real pain to remove and food items like tomato sauce or coffee can stain counters, taking a lot of time and effort to clean. Keeping a liquid repellent layer consistently on your surfaces will save your hands a lot of pain in the long run.  


4. Invest in automated air purifiers 

Investing in a couple of automated air purifiers will greatly reduce the amount of dust that collects around your home. Although this self-cleaning home tip was put on the list for cutting down your dusting (and even vacuuming) efforts, it also plays an essential role in keeping your house healthy. Air purifiers also reduce dander, pollen, and toxins and will help you breathe and sleep better. It’s beneficial for the sake of easy cleaning and for the raspatory health of you and your family. 


5. Give your family the gift of mop slippers 

The vote is in: sweeping daily < walking around the house to do your normal activities. If you’re already a slipper person then you’ll love this one, if not, you’ll love it anyway! Next time you’re browsing online, get you and your family a few pairs of mop slippers. As the name suggests, they are little mops for your feet! They come in all sorts of colors and fun designs and are very inexpensive. However, if you want to get the best bang for your buck, we suggest buying a pack. Simply wear them around the house each day as you would with your normal slippers or even on your cleaning days to effortlessly clean the floor as you walk around the house. Wash and reuse them when you feel it’s time to swap them out.