Vinegar is one of the most effective cleansing solutions which come with several applications. It can help you to clean the windows, freshen up the laundry and also remove stains from any household items. It is one of the natural and inexpensive cleaning solutions which can be found in every home. But this useful solution feature acidic properties and you can’t use it to clean every household object. Here we have listed few things which you should never clean with vinegar –

  • Waxed Surfaces: Most of the people believe that vinegar can clean the waxed surfaces properly, while experts believe that it creates some bad reaction on them. So, it is always recommended to use the cleaning solution which is especially designed to clean waxed surfaces.
  • Egg Stains: If you got egg stains on your floor or clothes then don’t try to clean them using vinegar. The acidic property of vinegar may allow the egg to coagulate. Eventually, this will make the stains extremely harder to remove.
  • Iron: If you try to clean the iron with vinegar solution then it may risk the internal parts of the iron. So it is always recommended to follow the cleaning instructions given by iron manufacturer.
  • Marble and Granite Countertops: It is always risky to clean your marble or granite countertops with vinegar. This is mainly because the acidic properties of vinegar may end up damaging the stone. You can opt for detergent solution to clean these kinds of countertops.
  • Laptop monitor and Smartphone: The screen of your laptop or Smartphone possesses coating of oleophobic material to avoid smudges and fingerprints. Vinegar can be extremely harsh on it and you should avoid using it to clean such sensitive devices.