Cleaning. It takes forever right? I mean, wouldn’t it be great if we could just snap our fingers and all the housework were done in an instant? Well, fortunately there are a handful of useful tricks and tips that can make cleaning a much more streamlined process.

Instead of dedicating entire days of your life to cleaning up your home, we recommend that you instead just clean little bit by little bit. By making efficient use of your time, your organization, and your cleaning tools, you can actually save yourself from ever having a “cleaning day,” again! It will only take small daily efforts and smart use of spare minutes to keep your home perpetually clean. Here’s 5 tips to make cleaning your home easier.

Clean home

The trick to keeping your home clean without spending an entire day on it is to employ a couple small efforts instead of one entire day.

  1. Wipe Dry Before You Spray

Certain surfaces seem to beckon cleaning sprays. Bathroom counters, kitchen counters, bathroom floors, etc. If you’ve ever worked in the food service industry, you know the daily chore list always includes sweeping THEN mopping every day! That’s because if you were to try to mop before you swept, you would have all sorts of debris, dust, and gunk clumping up in puddles.

You should treat all surfaces with the same logic. Before you start spraying down the top of your dresser or bathroom sink, wipe it down first DRY. This will actually make the spray cleaning more effective and faster.

  1. Clean Something Before It Is Dirty

Think about the last time you cleaned your stovetop. How was the experience? Does it stick out of your memory bank like a sore thumb?

If you clean your stove after every use, before it looks dirty, the last time you cleaned it probably wasn’t a big deal. You might have already forgotten about it! However, if you wait to clean it until it is so putrid you hate the sight of it, it was probably a much more traumatic experience.

That’s because by the time something is dirty enough to have become an eyesore, it has several layers of grime and junk built up. That means several attempts at getting it all cleaned up, and a lot of sweat and tears. Well, depending on your mental fortitude.

  1. Keep Your Cleaning Tools In Convenient Places

If you know exactly where your duster is, or cleaning sprays and cloths, it’s much less a hassle to reach for them and take care of a quick little cleaning task. Inconvenience is one of the major killers of tidiness. Because a clean home is never an urgent priority perse.
For most people, cleaning the home is a task reserved for a time that is “convenient.” Therefore, if you reduce the threshold of “convenience” by making it always convenient to fetch what you need, you are far more apt to clean as you go.
4. Clean As You Go

Imagine that! The next tip is to clean as you go! That’s right, this goes hand in hand with tip number 2. If you are cleaning something that doesn’t yet appear dirty, or replacing things you just used, you actually save yourself from returning to a much large, and much less convenient mess at a later time.

  1. Clean In Your Downtime

By utilizing tips 1-4, you effectively set yourself up to clean quickly, in your spare minutes, as opposed to cleaning an entire messy home all at once. With conveniently placed tools and items picked up, and cleaned off frequently, cleaning becomes a chore that is as simple as a single spray and wipe and you’re done!