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Cleaning the wall is not only considered as a tedious task to accomplish but it is also extremely time consuming. However, you can definitely make this monotonous task an interesting one by following some effective tactics. Here is a list of 5 ways to clean your walls in most efficient and organized way.

  • Before starting the task of cleaning the walls, you have to remove all the loose dust and dirt stuck on the walls. Washing walls without removing this dirty layer may result in development of mud. Eventually, this mud will propagate and it will create more mess than you think.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner, a dusting brush or a broom in order to remove the dust from the walls. If you think that the bristles of your dusting brush or broom are significantly strong then they might be harsh on the walls. So tie a soft cloth on it to avoid any unnecessary scratches on the wall.
  • No matter what cleaning product you will choose to clean your walls it is always better to know your wall coverings in prior time. Opt for a cleaning solution which will suit the material used on your walls.
  • When cleaning the wall, start from the bottom and move upwards gradually. This will prevent the creation of drip marks or streaks on the wall. When washing, wear wrist bands in your hand. This will also avoid the water to run down from the hands when you are raising your hand higher up.
  • After every section of the wall has been cleaned and rinsed, wipe it with the soft cloth or towel. Always keep one dry towel on your shoulder. It will assist you to clean the drips which may come down while cleaning top sections of the wall.

Whenever you find mildew and mould returned on your walls, don’t panic. It is very common issue and you can get rid of them by following above mentioned tips on wall cleaning.