We’re always looking for ways to cut costs and save time. Clothes dryers use a surprising 590 kwh of energy. That’s nearly as much as your refrigerator. Reducing the amount of time your clothes spend in the dryer, especially in the winter when it’s much harder to air dry, can save you time, money and even wear and tear on your clothing caused from over drying.


5 Ways to Reduce Clothes Drying Time

Reduce the amount of time your clothes spend in the dryer with these five simple tips. Do them every time you do laundry and you’ll not only cut down on drying time, but you’ll also save money and your clothes will look better too.


1. Dry the Right Sized Loads

Loads that are too full will take longer to dry. As will loads that are too small. Keep the dryer load small enough so that your clothing can easily and freely tumble in the dryer drum, without too much empty wasted space.


2. Switch Loads When the Dryer is Warm

This will save time on getting the dryer back up to a proper drying temperature and allow you to use the remaining heat inside the dryer to help your next load dry a little faster.


3. Use Dryer Balls

Dryer balls help separate the items in the dryer, allowing more air to flow around them, cutting drying time. Wool balls may even absorb some of the moisture from your wet clothing, reducing drying time even further.


4. Dry Towels Separately

Separate out your towels and heavier cotton items, like sheets and blankets, from your lighter-weight clothing. This will allow your lighter-weight clothing to dry much faster.


5. Readjust Large Loads

Pause a heavy load of sheets, towels or blankets partway through the drying cycle and adjust any items that have gotten twisted or stuck to help them dry faster and more evenly.


Want More Time Back?

With these tips you should see a noticeable drop in the amount of time you spend drying your clothes. But if you’d still rather spend your time elsewhere, consider hiring a professional cleaning service. They may not be able to make your clothes dry any faster, but they can give you back time with other reliable home cleaning services. If you live in the Chicago metro area and are interested in learning more about our home cleaning services and how they can help you maintain a safe and healthy living environment, give us a call at 708-599-7000 or contact us online for a free house or office cleaning consultation.