Cloth stains are part of the life, but it doesn’t mean you have to adapt yourself to live with them forever. Here we have discussed some effective stains removing techniques for your clothing in quick time. There are several methods available to get rid of stains from your clothing but make sure you choose the one which is most suitable for your fabric.

  • If you get a blood or ink marks on clothing then try to soak the marks by rubbing alcohol on them. One more effective technique to remove rigid stains from your cloth is by using the sponge filled with milk and rubbing it on stain marks unit it vanishes completely.
  • Baby powder will work like a miracle on those harsh oil spills and curry stains on your clothes. The only thing you have to do is to spread some amount of baby powder on the stains and wait for sometime so that the powder will soak up the entire oil.
  • Lemon juice acts as a nice bleaching agent on clothes. Just consider squeezing some lemon juice on those rigid stains and keep the cloth in direct sunlight. After sometime, wash the clothes in your usual way and you will be surprised to see the stain marks getting disappear completely.
  • Meat tenderizer technique is one more effective way to remove dried stains from your fabric as it breaks down the strong bonding between the stain molecules. Make sure to follow this technique cautiously as it may damage the color of silk fabrics after careless use.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is considered as one of the most effective stain removing agents. However, consider it as a last option because it can weaken your fabric on the virtue of its bleaching properties. The best way to use it by testing a small quantity of solution on a small part of your cloth.
  • Cleaning your clothes with enzymes can be a good idea, especially in case of blood stains. But don’t try it on silk fabrics and woolen clothes.

No matter what method you choose to remove stains from your clothing, always pretest it on a small part of clothing to avoid any damage to your clothes.