The glittering gleam that Christmas time brings is all too satisfying. From the twinkling lights to the tree overflowing with beautiful ornaments, to the crisp wrapped gift boxes that lie underneath, we love the abundant traditions of the season. What is not all too satisfying, however, is the inevitable mess that Christmas leaves behind. As joyous as it is to decorate and wrap gifts, it is equally as tiresome to clean up after the holidays. In this list we’ll go over 7 ways to easily clean up after all your festivities as well as tips to preserve your décor for next Christmas. 


Use hair ties to neatly contain wrapping paper 

Keeping wrapping paper rolls together without ripping or wrinkling can prove to be a challenge. When you’re done using rolls of wrapping paper try using cloth hair ties or scrunchies to keep them from unraveling. Place one in the center of the roll or one at each end for thin paper. Avoid rubber bands as they can snag the paper causing it to rip.  


Clean up wrapping paper and put up ornaments at the same time 

Here’s a way to knock out two birds with one stone! Instead of throwing away gift bag stuffing and ripped wrapping paper, you can use them to protect your ornaments when taking them off the tree. Layer the paper between ornaments in a box to protect them from scratching against one another or wrap ornaments individually if they’re especially delicate.  


Store your artifical tree in bags rather than using its original box 

If you purchased a new artificial tree this year or if you’ve been adamantly cramming your tree into the box it came in for the past few years, it’s time to let go of this dutiful yet strenuous struggle. Once an artificial tree is first removed from its contained position inside the box, it will never go back to that form once it has been fluffed. Instead of putting yourself through another cramming conundrum, opt for ease by using extra-large outdoor trash bags for each section, or purchase a zipping tree bag that’s made specifically for your tree size. 


Use egg cartons for small delicate décor storage 

You can repurpose empty egg cartons to store a variety of small decorative items. Things like figurines, mini snow globes, and other ceramic and glass pieces fit perfectly into each slot. If you have extra room, place an old cloth over the slots in the carton and tape closed for extra protection.  


Use empty wrapping paper tubes to store string lights 

Another clever repurposing tip is to use empty cardboard rolls for organizing Christmas lights. After taking down string lights, simply wrap them around the roll from ends to ends. This means one plug end should start at the top of the roll and the other should end at the bottom. This way you can stuff the plugs inside each side of the roll without it unraveling. 


Tape a note to string lights for multiple sets 

A step further for organizing string lights is to label each set once they are being taken down. This is especially helpful when using LED lights that are reused each year and for those who use a lot of lighting with many different lengths per set. After wrapping up each light set, tape a note to each one that says where the lights go. For example, you could write “Living Room Window”. Your future self will thank you next Christmas. 


Store decorative candles separately and avoid the attic if possible 

A lot of us have candles that are just too pretty to use. These candles are typically for decorative purposes only and we wish to keep them looking as such. It’s easy to injure smooth wax accidentally, whether from objects being pressed into it or from excessive heat. During summer months, the heat in your attic can warp sturdy materials and wax candles are even more vulnerable to the same fate. For these reasons, it’s best to store candles together and separate from other decorations and inside the house where they can remain at a mild temperature all year. 


Christmas doesn’t have to end on a fatigued note. There’s plenty of ways to wrap up the holiday with ease. Get creative and try other methods of repurposing to waste less. If all else fails, you can always call a Best Maids professional to help with your holiday aftermath this season.