If you are someone who spends a hefty load of time working in the kitchen, you cannot deny that garbage disposal is one of the best luxuries of life. Keeping the kitchen clean and hygienic is essential for good health.

Although most part of the kitchen is easily cleanable, some corners and equipment can be challenging.  The garbage disposal is one such thing. Not only is it precarious for kitchen hygiene, but it will also fill your house with a foul stench. The more you delay this work, the worse it becomes. Here are some easy ways to do this task.

  1.  Start from the Top

Start cleaning your garbage disposal from where it is visible. Take some dishwashing liquid on a scrub and start scrubbing. Be particular about the edges and rims because that is where food particles are stuck most. Choose a fruit flavored liquid soap for a fresh smell afterward.

2) Clean the Housing

Now you can move on to the bigger part which is to clean the housing. Stop the sink drain, then fill half the sink with water and add dishwashing soap or vinegar. Let the water drain and it will take along with it any dirt or debris.

3) Put your kitchen ingredients to use

Some kitchen ingredients are not only for cooking but for cleaning too, such as salt. Pour one cup of ice in the disposal and turn it on, then add salt. The ratio of ice to salt should be 2:1. As it grinds it will take away any stinking smell.

4) Go Lemons!

Another pantry ingredient that can aid you in this mission is citrus. You can take peels of a lemon or orange and grind it in the disposal. This will both clean and deodorize it.

5) Flush Regularly

This is by far the cheapest strategy, as it only requires hot water that runs from the sink. Every night, once after all the kitchen work is done, run hot water while keeping the disposal turned on. Do this for a couple of minutes. Doing this regularly, you will sleep and wake up to a fresh smelling kitchen every day.

6) Acidic Reaction

This method is suitable for a very thorough cleaning. Remove the rubber flaps of the disposal and pour as much baking soda as possible. Then fill in with vinegar and let it sit for an hour before draining it with cold water. However, do not do this regularly as it can damage the insides.

7)  Get your Tools Ready

For a constantly persisting smell, you better get your tools ready for a hands-on cleaning. You will need a wrench, a rubber cap, a bucket and bleach. Using the wrench, remove the pipe under your sink and attach the rubber cap on the pipe leading to the disposal. This will stop water flowing to the bottom. Then fill the sink a quarter of the way and add bleach, then let it sit for an hour. After that, drain the solution and reconnect the pipe.

Hope these ways will aid you in your next cleaning mission. Best of luck!