Big or small, every home needs a list of cleaning tools that will maintain, wash, and wipe every square inch. Some people swear on keeping an abundance of various cleaning products around for specific cleaning tasks. We, however, understand that not everyone wants to purchase a multitude of cleaning tools or will even have the space to store a bunch of products. In this list we’ll go over 8 essential cleaning tools that are multipurpose and efficient for every kind of cleaning day. 


1.) Scrub Brush 

Scrub brushes are the go-to tool for scrubbing most surfaces. The main types of cleaning include tiles, tubs, sinks, and stone material counters. Scrub brushes are durable and versatile tools and can be used with a lot of different chemical and natural cleaners.  


2.) Microfiber cloths 

Microfiber cloths are actually on our list of must-have cleaning tools for any space, including your car, your office work desk, or wherever! The main types of cleaning include dusting surfaces, washing windows and glass, polishing, and wiping down miscellaneous areas or objects. Microfiber is very absorbent and has the powerful ability to trap dirt. This means you won’t spread dust or grime and you’ll always leave behind a streak-free shine.  


3.) Angled broom with plastic bristles  

Plastic brooms are typically made with polypropylene bristles which can be softer and more practical than traditional corn fiber brooms for multipurpose use. Besides sweeping up the floor, plastic brooms can be used to sweep cobwebs from walls, clean air vents and baseboards, and remove snow from windows. Although traditional brooms tend to last longer, their rigid bristles can damage other surfaces so it’s best to use corn fiber brooms only on the floor. 


4.) Spray bottles 

There are dozens of solutions you can fill spray bottles with but the main ones are homemade cleaners, refilling cleaning solution bought in bulk, air freshening solutions, and simply distilled water. It’s always good to have a bottle or two on hand to make your own DIY cleaner. This way you’ll always be prepared for when you run out of a cleaning solution or for when accidents happen. 


5.) Rectangular sweeper mop 

A rectangular or sweeper mop is without a doubt a must for all floors in the house that aren’t carpeted. It’s also an efficient tool for cleaning far reaching windows, walls, ceilings, and showers. Over time, your light-colored walls become dingy from scuffs and everyday touching. Instead of buying an additional extended cleaning tool, opt for the mop! 


6.) Rubber gloves 

Safety comes first when handling chemicals and bacteria-prone areas of the home. Rubber gloves are essential for keeping both off your skin and can also be used for removing dust and hair. To remove pet hair off any upholstery, simply dampen the glove you’re wearing and slide your hand across the fabric. This also works well with getting dust off lamp shades and curtains.  


7.) Bucket with a handle 

Similar to the spray bottles, it’s always good to have a container handy for cleaning solutions. Buckets are also great for using as a caddy to hold all the cleaning supplies needed when going from room to room. As a bonus, buckets are also efficient for flushing toilets after unclogging. 


8.) Sponge 

Ah, the sponge. The final essential tool is arguably the most versatile one on the list. Besides cleaning, people use sponges for all sorts of purposes beyond cleaning.  However, besides dishes and scrubbing down surfaces, you can use sponges to refresh your fridge, remove pills from laundry, make dryer sheets, and use as a polisher. Learn more about how on our previous blog here!