Most folks wind up getting the “cleaning bug” in the early spring when they are constantly reminded about needing to do their annual “spring cleaning.” The problem is that during winter because everything is shut as tight as a drum, dirty air circulates all through your home every day.

With the arrival of colder winter weather, you and your family will probably be staying indoors a lot more than during the warmer months. To make sure your air stays clean and healthy, take a look below at our 8 helpful winter cleaning tips and see if you feel cleaner and fresher this winter.

1. Clean Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

Winter is the perfect time to take everything out of your kitchen cabinets and drawers and give each piece a good cleaning. Mix two tablespoons of vinegar into a quart of warm water and use it to wipe down the drawers and cabinets. Dampen a clean cloth with the solution and wipe down the inside and outside of all the surfaces. Then, dry the surfaces using a clean cloth or towel. Then rinse it and use the cloth or towel to wipe down each item. While you’re going through everything, toss out what you no longer need or put it back where it belongs if it’s not there already.

2. Remove the Clutter

Throughout the entire year, everyone tends to accumulate things. It’s a habit we all fall into, and the more junk we leave lying around, the more dust accumulates on everything.

You can try breaking the habit by going through your home this winter and look in each room for things you haven’t touched for the past 6 months or so. If it’s been that long since you used it, you should probably think about moving the item to an unused storage space further away in the house. Of course, it might be smarter to either toss the item or donate it to your favorite thrift store, but that’s completely up to you. ;-]

3. Clean the Refrigerator Coils

Not only will dirty refrigerator coils raise your electric bill, but they will also make the motor work harder and probably break down sooner. Pull your refrigerator out from the wall and unplug it. Leave everything inside, and it will be fine for an hour or two. The coils will be at the bottom of the unit or on the back.

If you have a special condenser coil brush or attachment to clean the coils, use it. If not, attach the best attachment that comes with your vacuum to the hose and gently scrub the dirt and dust that has accumulated on the coils.

Use a damp rag to remove any leftover debris from the coils and vacuum the wall and floor behind the refrigerator before plugging it in and moving it back to the wall.

4. Clean the Dryer Vents

Lint can build up in your dryer’s vents and become a major fire hazard, especially during the dry winter months. Unplug your clothes dryer and pull it out from the wall. Disconnect the large pipe at the back and wipe the outside edge and the dryer opening with a damp cloth.

Attach a long extension and brush to your vacuum cleaner and remove as much of the lint as possible from the inside of your dryer vent. Attach the pipe back to the dryer and move it back into place. Next, run the dryer for a minute or two to blow away any loose dust. If possible, check the exhaust vent opening outside and wipe away any accumulated lint or dust that would keep air from flowing to the outside.

5. Clean the Heating Unit / Furnace

Replace all the air filters and give your heating unit or furnace a good cleaning to make sure the air in your home stays clean. Soak the vent covers in soap and hot water and wipe down the furniture and floors to get rid of dust that will be pulled up into the air as soon as you turn the heat on.

6. Steam the Sofas and Carpets

Regular vacuuming around the house will keep dust and dirt from building up, but it doesn’t take care of a lot of areas where it’s harder to reach and hidden away. You can cure this problem by having a professional with the proper equipment deep-clean and refresh your carpets, chairs, sofas, and loose cushions.

If you’re in the Chicago area and you need a serious deep-cleaning, give our experts a call at the number below for a free consultation. Our experienced team will be happy to come to your rescue to make your upholstered furniture, rugs, and carpets (or your whole home) cleaner, healthier, safer, and brighter this winter.

7. Clean the Windows

During the winter, a grimy window will block out the light and make things inside a lot gloomier in your home. Don’t get the wintertime blues by taking care of the problem by spending a little time on the inside and outside of your windows.

Forget the expensive chemical window cleaners and mix up a batch of all-natural window washing solution. Combine one part hot water to one part distilled white vinegar in a tub or spray bottle. Use a cloth or sponge to moisten the window, and then use a clean cloth to wipe away all the dirt and dust away.

For extremely grimy glass, use some hot, soapy water to pre-wash the window. If there are any bad spots, rub each one hard with a cloth dipped in some undiluted vinegar. Then finish up with the mixed solution outlined above.

8. Curtains and Valences

You probably removed the curtains and valences before cleaning the windows, so you might as well take the opportunity to clean them as well. Those window coverings can hold a lot of unhealthy dust and allergens. But they are usually made out of expensive and delicate materials. So, don’t ruin them in your washer but take them to your favorite dry cleaner and have them professionally cleaned by the experts.

If you live in the Chicago metro area and are interested in learning more about our home cleaning services and how we can help you maintain a safe and healthy living environment, please give us a call. Our number is 708-599-7000. Or, contact us online, and we’ll give you a free house or office cleaning consultation.