Electronic devices and gadgets are a big part of our lives – we use them everywhere, for various purposes. That is why they need to be handled and used properly. However, the part we neglect the most is cleaning them. But who says cleaning them requires a massive amount of effort? Read ahead and learn about the 8 smart (and easy) ways to make your gadgets sparkly clean!

  1. DIY Screen Cleaners

While you may not mind spending a mere $10 or $15 on store-bought cleaners/wipes, would it not be even better if you had to spend just a few pennies on them? Especially on one that is equally effective? This DIY cleaner is just that – extremely low-cost and efficient!

To make it, just combine distilled water and vinegar in equal proportions inside a spray bottle. Once you have the screen of your gadget cleaned with a microfiber cloth, give the bottle a shake and spray a bit of its content on a separate clean cloth. Run the damp cloth along the surface of the screen a few times and you are good to go!

  1. Other use for coffee filters

Who said coffee filters were made only to filter coffees? They make fine tools for dusting your electronic devices as well – they pick up dust with ease and guarantee zero scratches and spots when you use them!

  1. The keyboard keys

Probably one of the hardest to clean but there are so many tips and tricks, you will be positively shocked.

You could go for the classic 2-inch transparent tape trick–move a piece of it between the keys and the dirt/crumbs will stick to it like steel to a magnet.

For all the accumulated dust in the nooks and crannies, you can use paintbrushes with soft bristles. And for those stubborn crumbs stuck in the crevices, make use of a toothbrush, preferably ones made for children. Slipping dental floss between the cracks or keys will loosen them too!

  1. More about the keys

Apart from the dirt and grime, you always have germs to worry about. A disinfectant like rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide is what you need in this case. Dampen a cotton swab with the disinfectant and run the tip in between the keys! If you do not have a disinfectant, use mouthwash instead. Both will give you the same results.

On another note, you can use the disinfectants and mouthwash to clean the mouse too!

  1. Making use of squeeze bottles

A common technique used to clean keyboards and other gadgets are using compressed air. This can very well be mimicked using empty squeeze bottles with tiny nozzles. Make sure they are clean and dry before you utilize them.

As an alternative and more effective method, attach the squeeze bottle’s top to your vacuum. This will help you clean the corners of the gadgets much more easily.

  1. Cleaning remotes

Remote controls are always getting dirty since they are used so much. What you could do is clean them every now and then using hand sanitizers. Dab around with a cloth/paper towel with a bit of the product and you are good to go. Use the tip of a cotton swab dipped in sanitizer to clean the space between the buttons.

  1. For those days at the beach

While relaxing at the beach is always fun, it is not enjoyable for your phones. They have to deal with humidity and scratches aside from the sand that is bound to get in all the existing cracks and holes of your phone.

To save your phone from all of this, cover it with plastic cling wrap from all sides in a single layer. And pack a few zip-lock bags to put your phone in, in case you fear water damaging it. However, you may notice it overheating and when it does, it is time to get rid of the protective layers.

  1. Organizing

For all those jumbled, messy cords and cables in the playroom, you could use little action figurines with open arms to sort them. Each figurine would only have one cable/cord running through it and will hold it in place. All you have to do is remember which character is holding which and you will soon see everything fall in place. And it will be fun too!

These were the eight brilliant tricks and tips to keep your electronic items clean at home. Make sure to follow the guidelines properly for better and faster results.