Pots and pans are essentials in the kitchen, especially if you prefer cooking at home. So keeping them clean is a vital but difficult part. Hence we have listed down the 8 tricks for you, to make the cleaning easier by ten folds!

  1. Using club soda

Most of us do not wash our pots and pans until after we are done dining. And within this short period of time, the oil and grime settles itself in the cookware and makes it harder to get rid of. A quick solution to this is club soda which makes a great cleaning agent.  Once the pots or pans are empty, fill their bottoms with this fluid and let the bubbles in it to work their magic.

  1. Glass dishes and their gunk

Cleansing grime that has baked itself inside glass dishes is one of the hardest tasks on earth! However, one thing that does this job well is warm water paired with tablets of Alka-Seltzer or denture cleaners. Both have sodium bicarbonate in them which is an incredible cleaning agent. Simply fill the bowl with warm water and pop two tablets in them. Stains will surely vanish within an hour.

  1. Stained aluminium pots

While vigorous scrubbing on your stained pots might not get you anywhere, vinegar or lemon juice definitely will. All you have to do is boil half a pot of water, mixed with ¼ cup of either one of the liquids for a couple of minutes. You will find that the stains have disappeared when you wash them afterwards.

Cream of tartar is another option fit for any difficult or lingering stains. This time you will use a couple of teaspoons of cream of tartar, where the stains are and move on to boiling after you have poured in 1 or 2 cups of water. Do this for a couple of minutes and then rinse like you normally would.

  1. Cast iron pans

In the case of cast irons, we will need to combine vinegar and cream of tartar, creating a paste. This paste would go on all stained areas on the cast iron pan. But before you start the scouring those places, give the paste a while to work and then go in with a soft wet cloth.

  1. Burnt food cure

Besides not burning your food, your next best option to get rid of the stubborn stains will be another paste – made with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Scrub well and cover all the surfaces of the utensil. With the scrubbing done, let this powerful duo rest for an hour or so. Then move on to soaking and rinsing respectively with warm water and a scrub sponge.

  1. Freezing

This may be unorthodox but really effective in getting rid of the burnt food stuck in the pits of your pots and pans. Let the cookware spend an hour or two in the freezer and all the burnt food will come off without any difficulty.

  1. Classic ammonia

Like baking soda and vinegar, ammonia is an equally good cleaning agent which specializes in removing grease and oil. So to sum it up, even a little amount of cleaner with ammonia in it will tackle all greasy messes in no time!

  1. Dealing with rust

You may notice that as the days pass, more and more rust form on all your pots and pans. While it is not very harmful, it definitely is not pleasant to have it on something that you cook in. so to clean a rusty mess, use laundry detergent. But instead of a scrubber, you will be using one half of a raw potato. You want to clean with the exposed part of the potato and not the skin – be sure to remember that.

The 8 methods listed above are sure to help you clean the stubborn stains on your pots and pans, making them smooth and shiny once again! Hence, the next time you burn something or notice stains on your utensils, make sure to try out the tricks mentioned above.