Is the clutter in your fridge making it hard to locate things inside? Is it packed with things that you no longer need? Does it look extremely dirty at times? Then no need to worry because we have 9 grand tips that will help you solve these problems which we have listed below:

  1. Create space in the kitchen

Before you jump to cleaning your fridge, you will need a place to store and sort the clutter when you empty the fridge. Reserve your kitchen islands and counters for that. Clear your sink which will house whatever racks or bins that need a good cleaning. Keep a trash can close so you can dump anything expired.

  1. Emptying the fridge

This is the part where you reach into your fridge and freezer to transfer everything on the counters. Keep the foods of similar category together but apart from other types. For example – dairy products will be kept separate from meat, vegetables etc. and vice versa. Any container that needs cleaning should find its way to the sink where it should be washed before being placed on the counter. Dump anything that you will not be eating and is past its expiration date.

  1. Removing, cleaning and replacing

Now that your fridge is all empty, transfer all the removable parts like the crispers, racks and shelves to the sink filled with warm water combined with soap. Scrub and clean any dirt, grime or spills on them. Later, change water filters or lights that no longer work.

  1. Cleaning the fridge

With the racks, crispers and bins out, start cleaning the fridge inside-out. Those nooks and corners that you can hardly ever see, all the sides/surfaces of the fridge, the handles on the fridge, all these need cleaning. You will be shocked by how many spills you had never noticed and had not cleaned. Cleansing all this will definitely make you break a sweat but a clean fridge is definitely worth it!

  1. Vacuuming

For this step, take your vacuum out. On the back and bottom of your fridge, you will find the condenser coils which tend to get heavily dirty. Start vacuuming those coils because if they are clogged with dust and dirt, they will eventually stop working. A fridge of an older version is likely to have these coils at the bottom while newer models tend to have the coils located at the back.

  1. Reorganizing

Now that you have a clean fridge, it’s time to think. Try and figure out the problems that you face with storing and accessing the food. Find suitable solutions for those to avoid cluttering and such problems. Place things you use the most in accessible places so that it suits your needs.

  1. Re-stocking

Remember how you had tossed several things in the trash? It is now time to make a grocery list and replace what you had to throw out. Do not buy things that you have no intention of using. Rather re-stock your fridge according to meal plans and recipes that you may try. This will be the perfect solution to avoid an over-packed fridge with rotting food in it.

  1. Celebratory dinner

Treat yourself and your family by making a special dinner on National Clean out Your Fridge Day. This is not only to celebrate but also to urge them to help you maintain a clean fridge. In that way, your efforts will have been worth it.

  1. Keeping a promise

Make a promise to yourself on the special holiday of November 15th – to keep the fridge clean and tidy in the future. Do this every now and then and maybe on the next holiday, you won’t have to clean up the fridge instead of celebrating!