One of the trickiest things about maintaining your aquarium is cleaning it properly in regular intervals. If you set up your aquarium properly in the initial phase then you don’t need to worry much regarding maintenance but there are few basic things you need to look after on consistent basis. Aquarium can be considered as one of the most fun oriented masterpiece in your home. Following list of tips will definitely help you to keep your fish tank extremely clean, healthy and impressive.

  • One of the most important things to note is that any type of cleaning solution you take to clean inside and outside part of your aquarium may be extremely harmful to fishes living in it.
  • If you think the dirt on the accessories of your fish tank is too rigid then just take them out and clean them with the help of algae scrubber. Don’t use soap, detergent or any other cleaning solution on them. Remember to make them properly dry before you keep them back in the aquarium.
  • One more tactic to avoid any form of algae growing up in your aquarium is by adding some algae-eating inhabitants like sucker fish. A lot actually depends upon the environment of your fish tank and how many inhabitants you have in your aquarium.
  • Water changing is one of the most important parts of the aquarium cleaning which need to be done after every 2 weeks. One efficient method can be to change the water while vacuuming gravel. This will help to remove any uneaten food and residue which is settled at the bottom of your aquarium.
  • Remember to clean outside area of your aquarium such as hood, glass and top of the fish tank. The ammonia fumes generated from cleaners may hurt fish, so choose solutions which are rated as aquarium-safe. In case, you wish to manufacture your own cleaner, you can take help of vinegar solution.

Above mentioned list of tips will definitely help you to keep your aquarium as beautiful and clean as you bought it for the first time.