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What is all the fuss over eco-friendly cleaning solutions? Do they really offer any long-term impact and benefits? In a word, the answer is yes. There are myriad risks that come with using chemical laden indoor cleaning products and these include eye, skin and respiratory irritation. With all of this in mind, the time has come to make a change. This is where eco-friendly cleaning solutions come in.

  1. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are safe. Because eco-friendly cleaning products contain zero toxins and are non-hazardous, they pose no danger when used in the home, around animals, and in an environment where there are small children. Unlike commercial cleaning products that release harmful fumes into the air, the risk of developing respiratory symptoms from airborne chemicals is eliminated. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are also milder on the hands.
  2. They do not pose any harm to the environment. What many people are unaware of when it comes to commercial cleaning products is that they pose a serious danger to ground water. Because eco-friendly cleaning solutions come packaged in recyclable containers and biodegradable materials, they do not contribute to the growing problem of overflowing landfills. Many eco-friendly cleaning solutions also work in clean water, reducing the need to consume energy to heat water as with commercial cleaning products.
  3. You can make them right in the comfort of your own home. As opposed to commercial cleaning products that have to be purchased off the shelf, there are many eco-friendly cleaning solutions that you can make yourself. For instance, baking soda is very effective for removing stains and for cleaning counter tops, kitchenware, bathroom fixtures, household appliances, and more. On the other hand, vinegar and lemon juice work wonders for getting rid of grease or waxy build-up. These will leave your home smelling fresh and clean. There are countless other solutions that you can use with materials from your kitchen shelves.
  4. They serve as a good example to your children. As you clean your home with the use of natural cleaning products, you can it as an opportunity to educate your children on why you are doing so.