Most of the stains are almost difficult to get off and grease stains are one of them. There are some extremely powerful chemicals which can remove grease stains easily but they may also create harmful effects on your household items. Here we have discussed some effective grease cleaning techniques which will help you to get rid of grease stains in most safer and affordable way –

  • Some household items like baking soda, lemon juice and cooking oil will definitely play the role of degreasing agents. Vinegar solution is also effective in removing grease build- ups as it can easily deodorize the stain surface.

  • Mix your regular detergent powder with hot water and vinegar solution. This mixture can easily cut the rigid grease buildup even with a bit of scrubbing.

  • Kitchen grease is extremely flammable so never use boiling water or open flames in order to clean the grease. Never add ammonia to any other chemicals like vinegar or bleach as this mixture may create toxic flames. Always handle ammonia with extreme care as the fumes generated from it may create skin and eye irritation.

  • Baking soda along with hot water will help to absorb the odor and soften the hardened grease surface. The paste can be applied on grease stains for many hours in order to deal with the tough buildup.

  • Flour is one more useful household item which is extremely effective in cleaning grease. It is highly efficient on the grease stains which are not dried up.

  • When grease gets on your kitchen appliances, you can consider rubbing the stains with salt and alcohol. It is also useful to get rid of grease stains from fabrics such as carpets, chair cushions and rugs.

  • The wooden surface in kitchen must be handled with high level of caution as powerful degreasers may damage the wood surface. You can also consider using white spirit or oil soap for removing grease from wooden surfaces.

  • Whenever you see any grease marks in your home, try to act quickly as they can be easily lifted out. Above mentioned techniques will definitely help you to clean the grease in most intelligent way.