Finally, winter has decided to say goodbye and spring and summer have decided to stay. If you retired your grill and you want to start using it again, it is essential to do some cleaning first. Hopefully you packed your grill and stored it in your garage. The worst-case scenario would be that you allowed it to drown in two feet of snow.  Nonetheless, no matter what course of action (or lack thereof) that you chose to take, here are some of the best ways to clean your grill after a long winter:

  1. Clean out all the gunk remaining in your grill. In this case, the gunk pertains to the black grease that has accumulated in your grill from long hours of grilling in the fall. It is essential to clean all of this gunk out to ensure that your grill runs as it should. More importantly, the gunk can act as a corrosive burner and this can be a serious danger. To make the cleaning process easy on your end, dismantle the gas grill and clean each part individually. Use warm soap water to wash out the entire grill. If there are any rusty parts, take note of these and treat them accordingly. Replace if necessary. You can also repaint your grill to make it look good as new.
  2. Store your grill properly. Keep in mind that cleaning your grill and keeping it well maintained is only the first half of the solution in resurrecting your grill. After you have cleaned the individual parts of your grill, use cooking oil or spray on it. This gets rid of any moisture that may have accumulated during the winter season. Then, store it in area where it will be safe from any harsh external elements. If there is a propane tank attached to your grill, ensure that you do not keep it in an enclosed area. In this case, proper ventilation is crucial. If you own a charcoal grill, upkeep is much easier.

Once you use your grill, allow it to heat up before cooking. This does the trick of burning off all protective oil covering.