When you run on pedal power of bicycle instead of gas power, you definitely need to put some extra efforts to drive yourself to the destination. Apart from this, there are some important things you have to look after in order to maintain your bicycle in proper condition. Here are some vital bicycle cleaning tips which will help to keep your bicycle’s spokes constantly whistling while moving its key components smooth.

Use proper cleaning tools:

If you have right kind of tools in hand, you can definitely utilize them in effective way during your bicycle cleaning program. Lint free rags, cleaning solvent, brushes and lubricant are few supplies which you can utilize during cleaning process.

Occasional tune-up:

Even if you prefer to tweak and clean your bicycle after each ride, make sure to check it from professional mechanic at least once in a year. Though bicycle looks like a simple instrument, sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to identify the issues in components such as cable systems and derailleur.

Lubricate your bicycle:

After regular cleaning, you can prefer to lubricate some important components of your bicycle such as chain, brake cables and derailleur assemblies. Lubrication always helps to protect moving parts of your bicycle from oxidation or friction.

Cleaning technique:

Make sure to rinse down your bicycle with soapy and warm water instead of throwing powerful showers of water. This is because, high pressure water showers may remove lubricant and grease from the important components of your bicycle, which is not a good thing.

Maintenance of brake pads:

If you commute through your bike on frequently basis then there are high chances that the brake pads of your bicycle will erode quickly. This is mainly because; the grime and rain may corrode them rapidly. So it is worth checking your bicycle brake pads at least once in a year.

These are some important tips to improve the look and performance of your bicycle. Following above suggestions will definitely help you to identify some small yet critical problems in your bicycle and resolve them at the right time so as to get smoother bicycle riding experience.