An average human being spends around one third of his life in bed. So if you need to deal with the bacteria, germs or even critters which try to create home in your mattress then you would definitely lose your sleep. So an important question arises, can a mattress be disinfected? Here we have revealed some important techniques which will help you to disinfect your mattress in most efficient way –

  • Spread the baking soda all over the mattress and let it get settled for an hour. Baking soda will definitely help you to get rid of bad odors. Don’t forget to vacuum the baking soda using upholstery attachment. You can follow this technique to disinfect mattress from both the sides.

  • You may also consider applying a mixture of water and detergent or upholstery shampoo on the surface of mattress to get rid of soil and dirt. Exposing mattress to direct sunlight will help you to make it dry in quick time.

  • In order to deal with insects such as bed bugs prefer hygienic or natural solutions and avoid jumping to the allergens or chemicals. The natural solutions will act as insect repellents as they possess strong anti-bacterial properties.

  • Enzyme cleaners are also extremely effective in cleaning the mattress as they can break down the rigid structure of stains very easily.

  • In case of spills, try to soak up the liquid with the help of dry towels. You can also consider spraying vinegar solution on stains and allow them to sit for at least 15 minutes to remove odor and disinfect mattress.

  • Adding essential oils to baking soda and spreading this solution on mattress is also effective way to disinfect your mattress and get rid of odor.

  • Above mentioned techniques will definitely help you to keep stains away from your mattress and keep it fresh and disinfected for long duration.