I am in love with my washing machine! This statement is bound to turn some heads but believe me, it is true. Have you ever considered the super powers your washing machine seems to possess? It washes piles of laundry without complaining (which is an achievement in itself) and gets rid of all the stains. I cannot bear to watch it suffer so I was smart enough to hire a helping hand.

Even thinking about the possible problems that can occur in the machinery, give me the chills. Imagine you put in a load, but the machine does not work. Your laundry schedule is disrupted and that ultimately leads to an increase in the pile of laundry. It also causes inconvenience due to a delay in your ability to iron your clothes. In order to prevent this problem, it is essential to clean the washing machine properly and follow the maintenance guidelines.

Washing Machine

Avoid Excess Use of Detergents

Excess detergent will not make your clothes cleaner. Rather, this is often associated with clogging of the pipes which will eventually need replacement. Instead, it is better to use small quantities of detergent so that the life span of your washing machine and your sanity, both, can be safeguarded. It is even better to opt for professional services that can guarantee perfection.

Clean the Spills Immediately

I am guilty of this crime as I have done it several times. When something spills on top of the washing machine, and it just sits there, the porcelain surface is affected. This practice will not only compromise the appearance of the machine but also decrease its efficacy. I have an excellent solution for this problem, ask those lifesavers (who in this case, are maids) to clean it. The maid will clean the surface of the washing machine first with a wet cloth and then she’ll dry it properly.

Open the Doors

Once I observed that the maid left the door of the washing machine open after washing clothes. I inquired her about it and she provided a simple answer, “it is done to dry the moisture that can accelerate the deterioration and accumulation of bacterial growth”. Opening the door of the washing machine after every wash is the key to controlling moisture content within the machine. It will boost the evaporation of excess water, rendering the machine dry. This trick will improve the working of the machine too. It wills also decline bacterial growth that can cause health hazards.

What Goes Inside the Washing Machine Matters!

It is also important to empty the pockets of all clothing items. Otherwise, important documents or even money will be washed and coins may clog the pipes. I like the idea that my maid first piles the dirty laundry then looks into every pocket for papers and coins. I still remember an incident when I asked the maid to wash the rubber mats and she told me that it will ruin my washing machine and negatively impact its life and performance.

These tips will improve the performance of your washing machine and increase its life span. However, if you’ve been careless and now have a large mess and puddles of water to clean up, be sure to give us a call and we will be there to help you out in an instant. Our staff is specifically trained to operate washing machines and they follow proper maintenance procedures.