Clean and streak free glass windows, table tops, windows and doors make you and the world look at each other differently. These were a few tricks to get that spotless glass furniture that you dreamt of!

1. 50-50 water and vinegar solution: this is an age old remedy to get streak free glass. It is soap free that ensures you don’t leave any streaks behind (the more the soap, the more the streaks!). Moreover, it is a cost effective solution that can be easily prepared at home.

2. Use a clean microfiber or multi-purpose rag: cotton or other rage generally leave linty residue behind. They cause a lot of double work to be done. Microfiber rags work well with any cleaning solution without leaving behind a residue too.

3. No suds please!: Avoid using any soap solution to your cleaning solution- it only leaves behind a layer of residue depending on how diluted it is. The more the suds, the more the residue layer. If you just need to use some soap for cleaning, ensure it is a very light dilution- more solvent less soap.

4. Use a distilled solvent like distilled water: if you get hard water back home, you shall see streaks on the glass if such water is used for cleaning. Instead use distilled water with part vinegar and finish the job with a microfiber cloth rag or even better, a newspaper!

5. Lastly, use a newspaper to clean up: the best thing about your morning read is that you can use it to clean your glass items without leaving streaks behind.

Instead of pushing this off as a weekend chore, its best that with the right set of cleaning aids and the little time on your hands each day, you set this to task on your to do list.