New year, same problem: Keeping a cleaner home. If you’re like most who’ve tried this resolution and failed, you’re not alone. New Year’s resolutions are all about changes for the better. This doesn’t mean they always have to be a grand gesture. Small actions can make a big impact when sticking to a decision for the long haul. This is especially true when it comes to doing something as tedious as cleaning. Here, we’ve listed a few simple cleaning resolution ideas based on the kind of home that best describes yours.


For the Hoarder Home

Most people defend or deny their abundance of items in the home and swear that everything collected is vital and used. Deep down, you know if this describes your living space. If so, here are a couple tips on easing into cutting out the clutter.

  • Keep a large box readily available somewhere in your home for things to donate. Dedicate some time throughout the next month or two to spotting items you rarely or never use. Think about the things you have multiples of such as kitchen items or old comforters that tend to take up a lot of space.
  • Use a “One in, one out” policy in your home that applies to everyone living there. This means if you bring a new object into the home then you must get rid of one object of a similar category or size.


For the Messy Home

Life is busy, kids are chaotic, and there’s only so much energy you have in a day! If this describes you than you probably fall into this category. Don’t feel ashamed as you are one of the many. Here are a few easy cleaning resolutions you can make time for.

  • Do a small chore anytime you enter a room before you leave it. For instance, if you walk through the kitchen, make sure to clean a few dishes, or, if you go into your bedroom put up any clothes laying around.
  • Before winding down in the evening by watching TV, dedicate 5-10 minutes to cleaning up a mess-prone area. This could be throwing out old food in the back of the fridge or scrubbing just the toilets in your home.


For the Clean Home that Feels Unclean

If you actively clean your home and don’t typically deal with mess or clutter, but still find your space is not up to par with your upkeep, this is probably you. Even freshly cleaned homes can feel dirty when specific details go unnoticed. Smudges, dust build up, and dirt-specked windows are the culprits of this category. Here are some ways to tackle this.

  • Commit to at least one morning a month to cleaning all glass surfaces. This includes (but is not limited to) mirrors, tables, and windows. Start with the outdoor side of the windows in the morning to easily see the surfaces you’re cleaning.
  • Add dusting to the beginning of your cleaning routine for whatever area you’re focusing on that day. So, if you’re cleaning the kitchen and living room, dust places that need to be dusted in both of those areas and then start your regular cleaning to ensure all dirt is picked up.
  • Mark a day each month for smudge checks. This typically includes checking walls and kitchen storage. This is more common with older homes where smudges and grime stick more easily to surfaces. Check for things like rubber marks against the walls and food drippings around your kitchen cabinets and clean as necessary.


Consistency is key to keeping any of your resolutions. Taking small actions means there are no pressuring grand gestures to make you feel overwhelmed before you even begin. By setting these easily attainable goals throughout the year, having a cleaner home is well within reach!