Nail polish spills are extremely frustrating as they leave unwanted stains on your couch, t-shirt or any other household items. But if you follow some intelligent tactics then you can get rid of them using some common cleaning agents available in the market. Here we have revealed some most effective secrets for cleaning up nail polish stains in effortless way –
• For nail polish spills on floor, nail polish remover is quite handy. Pour small amount of cleaning liquid on the spills and wait for few minutes. Scrub the floor gently with an eraser to get rid of all the stains.
• If you want to remove stains from silk, cotton or lined fabrics then place the stained part of the fabric on paper towels. This tactic is extremely effective on all the fabrics especially when the nail stains are wet. Before applying nail polish remover on clothes, make sure you perform a spot test to check whether it will react with the dyes of clothes or not.
• In case of spills on woods, don’t apply nail polish remover as it may make stains even worse. One efficient method we recommend is to apply hair spray on nail polish stains and wipe off everything after few minutes. You may need to repeat this procedure for couple of times but it is extremely useful.
• Removing nail polish stains from carpet requires some extra attention as you may have to make your decision according to the color of carpet. In case of white or light carpet, go for non-acetone nail polish remover. For dark color carpets, consider rubbing the stains with alcohol or hair spray. Paper towels or sponge can be used to remove the blots gently from carpet.
• If you were in hurry and ended up painting your hair with nail polish then here is a solution for you. Use some non-acetone nail polish remover to eliminate the wet stains. For dry blots, hair oil or conditioner can be applied by sliding your hand from top to bottom on hair.
Whether it is clothes, woods, floor or carpet, above mentioned techniques will definitely help you get to rid of any nail polish stains in most convenient way.