Clotheslines and dryers, both of them come with a strong ability to dry the laundry. However, both of them come with some unique features which you have to know before using them to clean your laundry. Here we have highlighted some unique benefits and drawbacks associated with dryers and clotheslines which will help you to make right choice out of these two options –

  • Clotheslines have got more demand in the market as they are based on the concept of ‘Going green’. On the other hand, dryers offer quicker and highly convenient way to dry the clothes.
  • Clotheslines lets user to dry the clothes without incurring any expenses such as energy fees. In contrast, dryers may incur you some expenses as they are mainly known for offering convenience to consumers which is offered by modern electronic appliances.
  • Clotheslines add natural freshness to your laundry as compared to dryers and this is the reason why they are the first priority of environment conscious people.
  • Clotheslines are extremely time- consuming as the process involves handing the clothes. On the other hand, dryers allow you to add bulk of the load in it which saves your significant amount of time and labor work.
  • Dryers can function in all weather conditions which make them more trustworthy than clotheslines.
  • Dryers are placed immediately next to washers which make the task of unloading the clothes extremely easy.
  • During the cleaning cycle, dryers toss the clothes which results in beating. This eventually decreases the life of clothes which doesn’t happen in case of clotheslines.
  • Though environmentalists push consumers to use clotheslines, it is restricted to use in some areas because of specific association rules made for homeowners.

Both clotheslines and dryers have their own benefits and drawbacks. So, it is all up to consumer to opt for an option which can meet his specific needs.