The active ion cleaner has been all the rage as of late as it provides a friendly alternative to cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals. It works in such a manner that ionization of the water occurs by electrically charging it. The active ion cleaner was created in an attempt to replace numerous bottles of spray cleaner being used. One can use regular tap water and the active ion cleaner turns it into an ionized mist that gets rid of dirt and eliminates bacteria. This is popular amongst many green homes and environment advocates as it uses zero chemicals.

The active ion cleaner is also favoured by many as the battery lasts for a very long time. Whether you are going to clean for an hour or for five hours, there is no need to worry about the battery running out. There is a feature that indicates whether the cleaner needs to be charged. If it switches from red to green, it is time to give it a recharge.

The active ion cleaner is very effective for cleaning as when you spray the mist onto a surface, it shows you the fingerprints, grease, dirt and everything else that is on the surface. Wipe it away and you are done. It works on glass surfaces, toilet seats, door knobs, counters, and what not. The active ion cleaner is extremely useful as it can also double as a hand sanitizer. There is no danger of drying out your hands unlike when alcohol is used.

The benefits mentioned above are all great, but perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the active ion cleaner is the lack of chemicals in its composition. In this day and age we are living in, there is truly enough to worry about it already when it comes to the food that we eat and the pollution that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Products like the active ion cleaner give us one less thing to worry about. This is a practical and purposeful device that any household would benefit from.