Garages are one of the most complex boons a house comes with. Ideally meant to park our Cars in, we use it for almost everything else alongside a Car. It’s often used as a basement, not that there’s anything wrong with that. As long as you can keep the place neat and tidy, use it as whatever you wish!

  1. The things usually stored in a garage are, well first of all A Car! That’s the main purpose. Next in line is the lawn equipment used around the house and can be dirty at times. This equipment should be farther away from the Vehicle or reach by children because of their hazardousness. Fertilizers, mowers, shovels etc. are advised to be kept in the same area. A separate garden station could be created.
  2. Power tools are also advised to be stored in the garage. Again, out of possible reach of children. People usually have work stations as well in their garages and these tools would be stored within the workstations. Magnetic Tool holders are a wonderful innovation that could hold up your small tools on a single strip of magnet. This has utility in the rest of the house as well.
  3. Garages can also be used to store other vehicles like Bicycles, Motor bikes, Roller Skates, Skate boards, Carts etc. These should be placed at a location feasible to reach quickly and possibly in the open. A separate shelf on the wall can be made to store the bikes on to create more space.
  4. Gas and Chemicals is another thing that people prefer storing in their garages. Because of their high danger level they should be stored at a higher level than the rest of the items of the garage, possibly on a shelf, isolating it from other things.

Other items could be managed according to their utility, space available and personal features. Maintaining a Garage is tough work, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes more fun than work.