It seems just like yesterday when we rang in the New Year but look how time flies; now spring is just around the corner. Many who aren’t a fan of the cold are so excited to get out of their sweaters and move on to lighter clothes and higher temperatures. But aside from the ice thawing and the sun setting just a little bit later, these aren’t the only things to look forward to come spring. It’s also the season for spring cleaning! As it approaches, here’s how you can get ready for the yearly tradition:

  1. Map out a schedule. These days, the only way to accomplish something is to make plans for it well beforehand. Having said that, clear off a couple days from your schedule for your spring cleaning duties. Be detailed and specific. For instance, for the kitchen, write down exactly what you need to do in it and how you’re going to go about cleaning it. Follow your schedule.
  2. Make reservations and appointments in advance. Whether you plan to hire a cleaning service to do the job of spring cleaning for you or you need to rent a carpet cleaner, do it the week or a few weeks before to avoid any hassle on your end. If you’re planning to make it a fun family activity, be sure to brief everybody about the dates that they need to clear and the specific tasks they will be handling.
  3. Collect all your supplies and equipment before you start. Nothing will throw you off from your cleaning routine like realizing in the middle of it all that you’re missing a specific piece of equipment. Having said that, ensure that you have everything that you need before you begin. Whether it’s cleaning supplies or cleaning equipment, make a list and check it twice.
  4. Prepare the boxes and bags that you’ll need for all the clutter. It isn’t spring cleaning if there’s nothing to gather and throw out, is it? Line up the containers that you’ll need for everything you’ve accumulated that you no longer need, are going to give away, or need to send to the garbage.