Grout is a porous material which collects grime, spills and dirt, thereby spoiling the tile surface. Here we have highlight few tips which will help you to bring your home walls and floors back to their beauty by taking care of grout in most effective way.

  • The simplest method to clean the grout is to use the water to eliminate any loose debris from the floor and let it to get dry. If your grout has rigid stains then simply dip a toothbrush in a mixture of soap water and scrub it on the grout area.
  • Always sweep or vacuum before mopping to remove as much dust as possible from the grout lines. Avoid using bleach or similar kind of chemical solutions which may create harmful effect on your floor tiles.
  • If you are using vinegar to clean the grout then test it on the small area of your floor. This is because there are several stone tiles such as travertine and marble which have alkaline properties and they are sensitive to vinegar.
  • If your grout possesses an old coating of grout sealer then you can take help of flooring finish stripper in order to clean it up. After doing this, rinse the entire floor with clean water and leave it to get dry.
  • They key motive behind applying the grout sealer is to cover the grout. You can take help of brush or applicator which covers the grout without sealing any surrounding area of the tile. If you grout is recently applied then wait for 2 days before sealing it.
  • You can take help of silicon based grout sealers and apply one or two layers to cover the grout lines completely. This method is extremely effective in protecting your grout lines from water or stain damage.

There are several grout sealers available in the market, so do proper research before buying the one. You have to be extra careful when it comes to gloss finishes such as Granite and Marble as they are extremely sensitive to few chemicals.