Every year, large number of dogs suffered from road accidents or sudden diseases like heatstroke. You can definitely save precious life of your dog if you know what to do in such circumstances. Here we have brought a most useful guide on first aid for dogs –

• Always be well prepared by having dog’s first aid kit at your home. You can consider buying a readymade kit from any pet supply store. You also have an option of assembling a customized kit by ordering some specific items. The first aid kit for dogs must include following items –

o Cotton wool
o Thick towel
o Dressings to cover wounds
o Open weave bandages
o Scissors
o Sterile needle
o Nail clippers
o Ice pack
o Antibiotic

Apart from the things mentioned above, make sure you include items which your veterinarian has advice especially for your dog. Always remember to carry your dog’s first aid kit if you are travelling with him. Make sure you check all the items in your dog’s first aid kit regularly and replace stuff which has already expired. For the safety of your family, keep the first aid kit out of reach from your pets and kids.
• In emergency situation such as accidents, analyze the situation before taking decision and keep calm. Injured dogs are frightened and they may bite anyone who tries to touch them.
• In order to avoid risk of biting, you can consider wrapping a tape around the mouth of dog. But make sure the dog will not face any difficulty in breathing.
• In case of poisoning, you may induce the dog for vomiting but don’t provoke him for vomiting if he is unconscious, lethargic or in shock.
• When dealing with dog injuries, make sure you make your hands extremely clean to avoid contamination. It is always recommended to wear gloves. Clean the debris around wound with an electrolyte solution. After cleaning the wound, consider applying antibiotic ointment on it gently.
• Don’t try to heal the pets with human medicines as they make situation worse. It is always recommended to consult your veterinarian and follow his suggestions regarding dog medication.

Above mentioned tips will definitely help you to deal with minor injuries or illness of your dogs. In case of serious injuries or diseases, it is always advisable to get in touch with your veterinarian or any animal hospital near to you.