Hiring a House Cleaning Service for after Construction Clean-upPeople usually start a home remodeling or renovation project with great enthusiasm and are excited to see the new changes made within their home. Whether they do it themselves or hire professional constructors for the job, the work is tedious and the process is usually long, unless very minor changes are being made.

Once the job is done and the constructors are gone, you enter your home, hoping to relax, and are suddenly faced with the pile of work to be completed. No, the construction workers did not leave their project incomplete. But what they did leave behind was a large amount of dust and dirt throughout the renovated area.

In order to make your house looking like new and being able to relax in peace, you first need to clear out the dust that the remodeling and renovation has blown into every corner of the area. The key areas that you need to clean post construction can include:

1. Floors:

As the dust from sawing can be very fine, it is a good idea to vacuum it away, rather than sweeping. Mopping the floors after vacuuming can allow you to remove even the tiniest of particles left behind accidently. Even carpeting needs to be effectively washed and cleaned after a construction job.

2. Windows:

Sponging or wiping the dirt off the windows will give them a new look that is free of dust. You can remove dust from the glass by using effective glass cleaners.

3. Walls:

Dirt seems to get stuck everywhere once it’s been blown away. Even the walls require a simple wipe down with a wet cloth or sponge to return them to their original color and clean state.

4. Furniture:

It is best to remove the furniture from the area where construction is being done but that is obviously not always possible due to lack of space. Hence, it is best to cover your furniture with sheets that can easily be washed in the washing machine. However, if dust has accumulated on your furnishings, then vacuuming, wiping or brushing it away can work effectively, depending on the type of furniture it is.

If you do not wish to tackle a post construction clean-up project yourself, opt to call for professional help. There are many cleaning services that offer their services for after construction clean-ups, where they use good quality detergents and well-trained staff to clean and disinfect your house or the renovated area.

These cleaning services not only remove the dust from your home, they also take away all the trash that has been left behind by the constructors. As they are professionals in what they do, you can rest assured that they will take good care of your furniture and other belongings, knowing just how to clean them effectively without damaging them.

If you have any specific cleaning requirements, they are open to your suggestions as well and will complete the cleaning project with such efficiency that it will leave you amazed! The end result; a house that is clean and fresh, and looks like new!