It seems it’s that time again when plans are made for hosting the end of the year holidays. Perhaps this year it’s your turn to house guests for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and you haven’t even begun to think about where to start cleaning in the rooms where they’ll stay or use. Well don’t panic, because we made a tip list specifically for guest bedroom and bathroom cleaning to ensure all your bases are covered!


Guest Bathrooms

Everyone wants an immaculate bathroom to use and even more so do we want our bathrooms to be clean for our guests. Of course, cleaning the floors, towels, and adding extra toilet paper is a must, but some of the other standard cleaning requires more attention to detail. The common areas to take a closer look at include:

The tub or shower

Make sure to clean between the tile grout, any calcium buildup on the showerhead, and soap scum around the drain or under any ledges or caddies that you may have. This also goes for any shower curtains as the curtain or liner tend to collect soap scum at the bottom. If you have glass shower doors make sure to inspect for and clean those pesky water spots. If you find it difficult to get rid of them, try using a natural solution of white vinegar mixed with soapy water made of dish soap and tap water. Lastly, check the shower drain for any clogging by running the water for a minute or so and unclog as necessary.

The toilet

This goes without saying but the toilet is the most essential part of keeping the ambiance of a clean bathroom. Make sure the bowl and under the bowl rim is scrubbed as well as wiping down the sides of the toilet, behind, and of course the seat and under the seat. If you like to clean a few days before guests arrive, it’s good to check the bowl once again the day before even if it hasn’t been used. Some toilets have a lot of iron and magnesium build up that can cause unsightly pink rings even when not in use.

The sink area and mirrors

Cleaning the sink and counter is a relatively easy thing to remember but it can be easy to forget the details. Check for grime buildup under and behind the faucet as well as the pop-up drain handle (if applicable). Like the shower, it’s also good practice to check if the drain needs unclogging. Wipe all mirrors clean in the bathroom and double check for streaks.


Guest Bedrooms

Having a hotel-standard guestroom is achievable for anyone with a few pointers. Again, cleaning and vacuuming the floors is a must but some of the other cleaning details needed can be overlooked. The specific areas to take a closer look at include:

The bedding

Extra blankets and pillows should be readily available for your guests. Stand pillows tall against the bedframe or head of the bed if you prefer a hotel-like look. If you’ve tightened the sheets but still find some crinkling in the fabric, try misting water across the bedding to relax any wrinkles. Crease over the top of the comforter using your arm to get an even and tight fold.

The closet

If you have closet space in the guest room, it’s a nice courtesy to keep it organized and available for guests who stay for extended periods of time (such as family from other countries). Make sure to leave at least one or more sections of the closet available for hanging clothes and leave a few hangers of the same kind (such as all same wood or all white plastic) for guests to use during their stay. Keep any miscellaneous items stored in this space to a minimum or in large solid container bins with a sealed lid. This will mask any clutter and keep your extra closet space more organized.

The fan and surfaces

Don’t forget about the dusting! Extra rooms collect a lot of forgotten dust. From the fan blades to the nightstands to the empty space under the bed, dust build up happens quickly on all kinds of surfaces. Make sure to inspect the guest space for dust especially on any areas they may use. The last thing you want is for your guests to turn on a fan and get showered with dust! If you’re worried about getting any dust on the bed, try using this simple trick. Take an old pillowcase and mist the inside lightly with water. Insert the fan blade gently into the pillowcase and tightly wrap your hand around the opening to enclose it once the blade is fully inside. Next, slowly slide off the pillowcase still enclosed around the blade to collect all the dust without any mess.


There you have it; the rest of the details are up to you! With this tip list you’re just one step closer to having a spectacular guest space you can be proud of. So, however you and your guests spend this holiday season, they can enjoy it even more with a clean and cozy stay.