Whether we like it or not, that time of year is here again. The holiday/winter season is upon us; temperatures plummet and flu is triggered for many of us. The symptoms of the flu are not pleasant in the least but the good news is that there is a remedy to this situation, and it can be found right within the comforts of your own home. Note that if symptoms persist, it is probably a good idea to visit a physician. Without further ado, here are a few home flu remedies that you can try:

  1. Breathe aromatic steam. You don’t have to head to a spa to breathe in some aromatic steam. Go to your kitchen and fill up a bowl with steaming water. Chop up some fresh ginger and add about two teaspoons of it to the bowl. Lean over the bowl and place a towel over your head. Breathe in the steam as deeply as you can. You may also add some Vicks VapoRub into the mix to help relieve your symptoms. Eucalyptus oil also helps with opening up your bronchial tubes.
  2. Step in the shower. A warm shower can help you and double as a sauna. The moisture produced by the steam in the bathroom will help clear your sinuses of mucus.
  3. Dust off your home. It’s no secret that a dusty and dirty environment will surely exacerbate and trigger flu symptoms as the sinuses become irritated. Take the time to vacuum your home and wipe down any areas that tend to accumulate dust, dirt and grime. It will surely make a difference in keeping the flu and other allergies at bay.
  4. Up your liquid intake. This is probably the simplest home flu remedy that you can apply. In order to stave off flu symptoms or alleviate them, make a conscious effort to increase your liquid intake. Drink a lot of water and fresh fruit juices. Try to avoid drinking liquids such as coffee and tea as these may dehydrate you.

Last but not least, bed rest is also crucial so try to rest and recuperate as much as you can.