Clean kitchen worktops is something that helps your kitchen to look fabulous. But looking attractive is not the only purpose your kitchen has to serve as it plays important role in everyday use. Taking into consideration the usability, it becomes extremely vital that one should clean his kitchen worktops every time he uses them. So here are some effective home cleaning tips which are applicable to different types of kitchen worktops.

  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Surfaces –

When it comes to the stainless steel worktops you have to give strong attention to the pesky finger prints. Microfibre cloth will play great role in achieving these. Even if you only add few drops of baby oil, you will discover that the fingerprints will disappear in quick time.

  • Wooden Kitchen Surfaces –

It is often see that wooden kitchen surfaces absorb water easily and they require oiling on consistent basis. So always ensure that you remove stains of tomato sauce or curry immediately from wooden kitchen surfaces. An antibacterial spray or a mild cleaner can be perfect solution for the wood kitchen surfaces.

  • Granite Kitchen Surfaces –

Many kitchen experts tell that granite kitchen workshop is highly hard wearing. The granite kitchen surfaces have to be cleaned on consistent basis and normal cleaning solutions are well enough to clean them. Avoid using substance which is abrasive as it may ruin your kitchen surface by scratching.

  • Laminate Kitchen Surface –

Laminate kitchen surfaces need to be cleaned very similar to normal kitchen worktops. However, if you want to deal with the critical stains then cream cleaner can really create high wonders for you. You can also consider making a nice paste of washing up liquid and bicarbonate soda to deal with stains.

  • Glazed Kitchen Surface –

If special type of kitchen worktops such as glazed tiles is your choice then you have to strictly avoid using the cleaning solutions which are highly abrasive and harsh.

No matter what types of kitchen worktops you have in your house, make sure to wipe down the kitchen surface on regular basis.